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The game Hi-Lo has been around for many years, owing to its fun and straightforward gameplay loop. Playtech’s Hi-Lo Club does not seek to reinvent the wheel. It just dresses it up in a dazzling 1980s aesthetic.

The team put plenty of effort into making this release attractive to casino members. Will it be enough to attract players to give this Playtech title a go?

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How to Play Hi-Lo Club Live

Placing wagers on Hi-Lo Club Live is very simple. The host draws a card, and your goal is to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower. Casino members can also bet on the snap option, which means the next card is the same value as the previous one. The payouts for higher and lower wagers change depending on the first card the dealer draws. Meanwhile, the snap wager has a fixed 12.06:1 payout.

Live casino players place wagers by selecting the coin values and placing them on the wagers they want to bet on. The main stakes show indicators, telling us how many players are wagering on each of the three main bets. The game also highlights the winning number on a fancy wheel behind the host.

After winning, Playtech moves your money to the stake position. You can choose to collect all your money, which puts it all in your balance. Alternatively, you can select the collect some option, which leaves the rest of the winnings to be used for the next round.

Hi-Lo Club Live by Playtech

Game Features

Alongside regular main bets, Hi-Lo Club Live has several side bets, which we listed below.

  • Ace predicts that the next card will be an Ace. It pays 11.56:1.
  • Ace/King pays if the next card is an Ace or a King. The reward is 5.78:1.
  • Red or Black grants a reward if the next card’s suit is red or black, respectively. They both pay 1.92:1.
  • 2/3/4/5, 6/7/8/9, and J/Q/K/A all win if the next card is part of their bet range. All three have the same chance of winning and feature an identical 2.89:1 payout.

On the side of the betting board, we see the last few winning numbers and their suit. The game also makes it easy to place the same wager again by using the Rebet button. Playtech’s release does not limit how many players can play it simultaneously. It can host as many casino games as you want.

Video Performance

The team put plenty of effort into designing a beautiful studio to make their game stand out. Part of that translates into superb video quality that captures every exciting moment of Hi-Lo Club Live. The hosts are friendly and do a fantastic job keeping you invested in the gameplay. Hats off to the developer for an excellent visual experience.

Our Thoughts on Hi-Lo Club Live

Some releases rely on plentiful features and complex gameplay to keep players invested. This game goes for a different approach. It makes itself simple to the point anyone can jump in and play without needing to read up on strategies. Add the cool studio design and excellent video performance, and you get a game that is hard to pass up. We wholeheartedly recommend giving Playtech’s Hi-Lo Club Live a go!