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Blackjack is a game that needs no introduction. It has been at the top since online casinos came into being. The launch of live casinos only made the game more popular! It is one of the few titles where following a set strategy gives you better odds of winning. With one of the highest RTPs among online casino games, it is no wonder Live Blackjack remains a must-play title.

No live dealer game library is complete without blackjack, and Vivo Gaming is aware. Shall we see how their Live Blackjack stacks up against the competition?

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How to Play Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack uses eight decks of fifty-two cards. The host shuffles the cards after a certain number gets drawn to prevent card counting. Furthermore, the dealer must hit if their hand total is 16 and must stand on a soft 17.

Unlike many modern blackjack variants, Live Blackjack only allows seven players per table. This makes the atmosphere more immersive, but it can also lead to the frustration of running into full tables. The RTP for Vivo Gaming’s Live Blackjack is 99.50% but dips lower if you play the side bets.

Game Features

Vivo Gaming has two side bets casino members can play. One of them is the Perfect Pairs wager, which pays if the two drawn cards form a pair. You receive a better reward if the pair cards also have matching colors or suits.

Another available side bet is the 21+3 stake. It uses your two dealt cards and the dealer’s visible card to form a three-card poker hand. You need at least a flush to win 21+3. The better the three-card poker hand, the higher your payout will be.

Even if you do not have a spot, you can use the Bet Behind feature. You wager on players and hope they win the round. If they win, you receive a reward! It offers a way to enjoy blackjack while waiting for a seat to open up.

Live Blackjack has a live chat function that players can use. We can use it to communicate with other casino members and the host.

Video Performance

The popularity of Live Blackjack means Vivo Gaming did a great job ensuring the excellent video quality. Furthermore, they broadcast the game from all their studios, ensuring it is available 24/7. The user interface is minimal and does its best to blend with the table. You place virtual chips in front of your seat for the main bet and side bets. All these factors work together to help immerse you.

Our Thoughts on Live Blackjack

Vivo Gaming is well aware of Blackjack’s importance to live dealer studios. They did a fantastic job of drawing players in and keeping them engaged with this release! The limited number of seats will be a hit-or-miss feature for most players. However, it does not detract from how great it feels to play Vivo Gaming’s Live Blackjack.