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As fun as live blackjack can be, sometimes you just want to focus on the game instead of listening to the dealer. For such players, Pragmatic Play Live has cooked up Blackjack X! The game replaces the live dealer and a physical table with an RNG-powered counterpart.

However, it keeps all the other functionality of Live Blackjack, such as multiplayer mode, live chat, and more. It’s clear that Pragmatic Play is emulating Evolution and its highly successful First Person lineup of virtual games. Will Blackjack X achieve the same level of success? Find out in this review.

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How to Play Blackjack X

Time needed: 4 minutes

Despite switching to a fully virtual table, the developer doesn’t introduce any new features like multipliers. Instead, Blackjack X sticks to the same formula as standard live blackjack games we know and love. However, the game has attractive side bets that elevates the gameplay, giving you more chances to win.

  1. Launch Blackjack X

    Find a reputable gambling site that offers Pragmatic Play Live games, and find Blackjack X in its live casino section. Press on its game tile and hit play to launch the title.
    Blackjack X HT1

  2. Place your bets

    You have a short time to bet on the main bet and any side bets you wish to play. You do this by selecting the coin value that works for you and placing it in the right positions.

    Blackjack x ht3 lc24

  3. The cards are dealt

    The virtual dealer will deal cards to both the player and themselves. You can see both of your cards and the dealer’s first card.
    Blackjack X ht2 LC24

  4. Make your decision

    You will be asked whether to hit, stand, split, or double. Decide what option to go for based on how close you are to busting and how good your cards are.
    Blackjack X ht 4 LC24

  5. The host reveals his card

    After your turn ends, the host will reveal his second card and draw additional ones if needed. If you or the host didn’t go over 21, the game will compare your hands. The one closest to 21 will win the round.
    Blackjack X ht 5 LC24

  6. A new round starts

    All players who win will receive their rewards at this point. The betting timer begins counting down again, starting another round of blackjack.
    Blackjack X ht 6 LC24

To enhance the experience, Blackjack X introduces some extra features to make each round more enjoyable. We go into detail on how they work in the next section.

Game Features

There are two side bets players can take advantage of if standard blackjack isn’t doing the trick. The first one is Perfect Pair, which rewards players if their first two cards form a pair. The more the two cards match, the better the cash prize. Mixed pairs rewards are less valuable than rewards for pairs with matching colours. However, coloured pairs pay less than perfect pairs, where both the colour and suit match.

The second side bet available to players in Blackjack X is 21+3. Here, you need to form a three-card poker hand using your two cards and the dealer’s visible card. To win this side bet, the poker hand needs to be at least a flush, with better hands netting you more money.  

We also appreciate the inclusion of the Bet Behind feature. Here, people waiting for a chair to open can place a bet that a participating player will win the round. If that happens, the people who wagered on them also receive a prize.

Blackjack X Results

The game is fully virtual, so you won’t be surprised to hear everything is decided using RNG. Pragmatic Play Live takes full advantage of the changed format by letting players occupy up to four seats. It’s great for blackjack fans who like playing multiple hands simultaneously.

A standard blackjack win will net you a 1:1 payout. However, winning with a natural 21 will bump the cash prize up to 3:2. Finally, insurance bets pay 2:1.

You can earn better rewards if you’re willing to try your luck with side bets. The Perfect Pairs side bet awards 6:1 for mixed pairs, 12:1 for coloured pairs, and 25:1 for perfect pairs. Meanwhile, the rewards for 21+3 increase with the quality of the poker hand, as outlined in the table below.

Suited Trips100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a kind30:1


You’ll love Blackjack X if you enjoy playing multiple hands and don’t value the live dealer experience. The developer designed it with a specific crowd in mind, which is why its presentation differs from standard Live Blackjack. We enjoyed it but felt the game was a little dull at times without the host to keep players engaged. Still, if it sounds like something you’d be interested in, we recommend giving it a go.

FAQ about Blackjack X

Blackjack X is a game by Pragmatic Play Live that uses RNG to determine the results of every round. To win, your hand needs to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s without busting.

The game offers the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets.

Yes, you can. You can play on up to four seats every round.

Blackjack X has an RTP of 99.28%, assuming perfect play.

Yes, it does. You can talk with your fellow players by typing in live chat.