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Stakelogic Live is a relatively new name in the growing live casino segment. The software developer didn’t want to waste time and immediately made an impression by launching several live table games. Their success gave developers the courage to experiment with fresh ideas.

Following the success of Super Stake Roulette, Stakelogic Live has recently launched the new Super Stake Blackjack title. The game uses the familiar gameplay loop and boosts it by adding random multipliers. There are no changes to the gameplay, and the release relies on the multipliers to deliver more excitement and fun. To do so, you’ll have to enable Super Stake, which increases your costs. In addition to multipliers, Super Stake Blackjack comes with a wide range of side bets.

Can Super Stake Blackjack find its place in the growing live casino segment? Continue reading to find out.

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What is Super Stake Blackjack?

Essentially, Super Stake Blackjack is a regular blackjack game where multipliers boost payout on hands with golden cards. It uses a scalable table, meaning the number of players participating in the hand is unlimited.

Regarding strategy, Super Stake Blackjack enforces basic rules to draw new players. In most cases, the decisions are made automatically, although there are certain exceptions, such as Doubling and Splitting.

Activating the Super Stake option adds a 50% fee to your wager, which is used to fund the multipliers.

At the start of each round, six cards are chosen as the Golden Cards, containing multipliers from 2x to 30x.

Super Stake Blackjack Multipliers

As we already mentioned, a Super Stake fee of 50% of the stake is taken before the game round starts. After the betting time ends, RNG will randomly choose six cards displayed behind the dealer.

All chosen cards receive a multiplier ranging from 2x to 30x. If the player’s hand contain any of these cards, they will turn gold. Hence the name Golden Cards.

Only the first two cards in the player’s hand can qualify as Golden Cards, while the maximum multiplier you can get from them is limited to 60x.

Keep in mind the multipliers are only applied to the initial stake. In case you choose to split or double, the payout calculation won’t include the corresponding amounts.

Split hands may receive a multiplier, although it will be applied only to the winning ones. The Super Stake fee is not included in the payout calculation, and players won’t get it back.

How to Play Super Stake Blackjack

There are two things you need to know before playing Super Stake Blackjack. After a bet is placed, the decisions are made automatically unless the player chooses to Split or Double. The dealer plays the hand according to basic strategy rules.

Since there’s no need to wait for all players to make their decisions, the game is played much more quickly.

Although some players may feel they aren’t free to make their own decisions, using basic strategy rules is beneficial in the long run.

The RTP for Super Stake Blackjack is 98.01%.

  • Betting time

Players place their wagers on the table. The Super Stake option takes 50% of your bet as an additional fee. There are four optional side wagers you can bet on. We’ll discuss them below.

  • Choosing the Multipliers

After betting ends, the game will pick six random cards and assign multipliers from 2x to 30x. The chosen cards are displayed behind the dealer.

  • Dealing the Cards

The dealer deals two cards to the player and two to himself. He’ll go on with dealing the cards under the terms of the basic strategy. The dealer will stand on Seventeen or more, with Soft and Hard Hands.

  • Calculating Payouts

If the player wins the hand, the standard blackjack paytable determines the size of the payout. However, if the hand includes Golden Cards, the total payout is calculated in the following way:

(Bet x multiplier) + Bet is returned

Keep in mind that the Super Stake fee won’t be returned.

Side Bets can result in good payouts

Super Stake Blackjack Side Bets

The game has four optional side bets, which can be played alongside the main hand.

  • Golden Pairs

This side bet uses the player’s first two cards. A mixed pair pays 6:1, while a pair in the same suit awards a payout of 12:1. If the pair is in the same suit, the bet pays 25:1.

  • Golden 3

In addition to the player’s first two cards, this side bet uses the dealer’s up card. Three cards of the same value pay 90:1, while three straight cards in the same suit come with a 180:1 payout. Three cards of the same value and in the same suit results in a prize of 270:1.

  • 3

This side bet is identical to the 21+3 side bet (also known as Poker side bet) you may encounter in other games. Like Golden 3, it also uses the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card.

Flush pays 5:1, while Straight awards a prize of 10:1. Three-of-a-kind and Straight Flush pay 30:1 and 40:1, respectively. Three-of-a-kind in the same suit delivers the side bet’s largest payout of 100:1.

  • Buzz-T

This side bet is awarded when the dealer busts. The number of cards the dealer has when he busts determine the payout.

Busting with three cards pays even, with four and five cards paying 2:1 and 9:1, respectively. The payout of 50:1 is awarded if the dealer busts with six cards. The dealer busting with seven cards results in a 100:1 payout while doing so with eight or more cards pays 250:1.

Super Stake Blackjack by Stakelogic Live

Video Performance

Super Stake Blackjack looks and feels great, but truth to be told, Stakelogic Live has gotten us used to the high quality of its games. You’re seated at a blackjack table with the dealer right in front of you. The scenery has an authentic brick-and-mortar casino feel and helps create an immersive playing atmosphere. The Golden Cards are displayed behind the dealer. The betting screen is neatly located in the bottom part of the screen and won’t disrupt your gaming session.

Our Thoughts on Super Stake Blackjack

The presentation is excellent, and the theme is perfectly carried over from the previous game of the Super Stake series. We like that Super Stake Blackjack is played quickly; dealers are professional and proficient in every aspect. Adding the multipliers provided a fresh roulette experience, while the new side bets further boosted the excitement. Skilled players may be frustrated with auto decision-making, although newbies will undoubtedly benefit from it.

We highly recommend giving Super Stake Blackjack a go. You’re guaranteed a distinctive playing experience and a very enjoyable one.


Super Stake Blackjack is Stakelogic Live’s take on blackjack with multipliers.

Super Stake Blackjack has an RTP of 98.01%.

You can give Super Stake Blackjack a go at any casino powered by Stakelogic Live.

The game enforces basic strategy, which makes it an excellent choice for new and inexperienced blackjack players.

Unfortunately, you can’t. The very nature of live casino games doesn’t allow players to play for free.