Gold Bar Roulette & Lightning Roulette Compared

Evolution remains at the forefront of live dealer innovation. The team designed many of our favourite games, including the eternally popular Lightning Roulette. Recently, the developer launched a new roulette variant called Gold Bar Roulette. Naturally, this led to many players questioning which of these two games is better.

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We decided to compare Evolution’s two most prominent roulettes to see how they perform against each other. Do they offer a different experience compared to each other?

Similarities Between Gold Bar Roulette & Lightning Roulette

Both roulette games use European Roulette as a baseline. They follow similar roulette rules and play with a single zero on the roulette wheel. Both games also feature the same inside and outside bets as standard European Roulette titles.

If you played Evolution’s standard roulette games, you would be able to use the same features from that game. Gold Bar Roulette and Lightning Roulette let you use the race track and watch statistics for previous rounds.

While the games have different features, they balance them in the same way. Both games decrease the straight-up bet’s payout to maintain a similar RTP to European Roulette. Both bonuses only activate if you hit the Straight Up bet.

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Differences Between Gold Bar Roulette & Lightning Roulette

The most notable difference between the two games is the bonuses they offer players. For Lightning Roulette, the game randomly assigns multipliers to numbers. You receive an increased payout if you bet on a number affected by the multiplier and win. It is a straightforward system that most players will have no issues understanding.

Meanwhile, Gold Bar Roulette’s extra feature requires more input from the player. Casino members have to land a win with a straight-up bet to receive several gold bars. Players can then bet those gold bars on numbers to win increased payouts. It ends up being a bit more work for players. However, the engaging gameplay loop keeps things entertaining.

The two games slightly differ in their RTPs. Lightning Roulette’s RTP is 97.3%, identical to European Roulette. Meanwhile, Gold Bar Roulette’s RTP is somewhat lower, sitting at 97.1%.

Finally, the two titles have distinct studios and designs to help them stand out. Lightning Roulette has an elegant black and gold design, with gorgeous lightning streaks appearing across the UI. Gold Bar Roulette’s studio takes inspiration from banks. Activating its feature opens a hefty vault, from which we take out gold bars to use in later gameplay.

How Do the Roulettes Stack Up?

Having played both roulette games, determining which one is better does not work. They have a similar setup but offer vastly different experiences. Lightning Roulette’s multipliers are simple and easy to use. They feel like an extra unexpected reward, not requiring players to do anything but place bets and hope they get lucky.

Gold Bar Roulette is not as straightforward. Players need to score a straight-up win first. That grants several gold bars, which players can place as separate bets. That allows you to think about how you want to play your gold bars.

Because of that, we cannot choose which one is the best. Both titles feature similar RTPs and maximum rewards. It all comes down to which features you prefer! The team recommends checking out both games. Both releases will be right up your alley if you love roulette variants.