Live Games That Inspired Boom City from Pragmatic Play

Boom City Live has been a long time coming for Pragmatic Play. The team had been hard at work making a game that would charm audiences worldwide. However, they did so without following the usual game show format. Instead of a lucky wheel, two dice and a large wall are how the game tackles gameplay.

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That less traditional approach made us curious about what games might have inspired Pragmatic Play to take its current course. After spending way too much time playing this game, we could make out a few of the developers’ muses.

Dice Drawing Results – Sic Bo

Pragmatic Play is no stranger to Sic Bo, nor are they strangers to modifying its formula. Mega Sic Bo was entertaining; it combined a traditional Asian game with random multipliers. Who would not love a chance at randomly scoring a massive top prize? Mega Sic Bo’s success meant the developer was looking for ways to reincorporate it into its game library.

We believe the software provider considered Sic Bo when designing Boom City Live. Dice rolls drawing up the result is an obvious enough connection. However, we also see similarities in the details. Mega Sic Bo’s most significant rewards came from predicting what numbers the dice would display.

We see this reflected in Boom City’s Lucky Drop feature. Here, players pick one of six numbers while the game rolls the dice. The more your chosen number appears, the better your final win becomes.

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Big Board of Results – Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

The team did not look for inspiration only among its games. Games by other software providers can also give you great ideas. If there is one software provider to follow, it is Evolution. The team has produced many exciting titles and has kickstarted live casino game shows from a niche product to a market-defining game.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt has a large wall that displays various stones. Each stone has a corresponding cash value hidden beneath. Similar to Boom City, the layout of the playing field is different every round. However, the two games differ in how they grant results. Evolution’s release has you randomly picking spots, meaning there is a chance you do not win. Meanwhile, Boom City usually awards some wins unless the dice pick a bust field.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt’s multipliers are similar to Boom City’s Power Up feature. Power Up increases all payouts and turns bust symbols into 1x multipliers. This is better than Evolution’s release, where multipliers only apply to the row below the multiplier.

All the Bonuses – Other Game Shows

Other game shows also served as inspiration for Pragmatic Play’s Boom City. Primarily, they helped to inspire the bonus rounds the game offers. Mind you, no one release had the same extra features as this release. However, it is easy to spot some similarities between the bonus rounds.

We mentioned some of them already in our earlier comparisons. Others are not directly linked but share some basic similarities. For example, Evolution’s Crazy Coin Flip boosting multipliers and picking a red or blue coin is similar to Boom City’s Dice Battle. Meanwhile, Boom or Bust feels similar to Sweet Bonanza CandyLand’s Candy Drop bonus.

Final Thoughts

Boom City is far from the only game to draw inspiration from other titles. Every game takes some inspiration from what came before it. We have seen developers adapt many games to live casinos, including titles that were never meant to be. Deal or No Deal Live is a favourite of many players, but its origins are firmly rooted as a TV game show.

By visiting what games inspire our favourites, we can find other exciting releases that may be to our tastes. We recommend trying the titles we mentioned in this article and experiencing what they have to offer!