Lowdown on Super Spade Games Live Dealer Portfolio

When talking about live casino games, most of the buzz is usually around the biggest software providers on the market. That said, many small and mid-range studios are creating fun games that sadly do not get as much attention. Today, we plan to rectify that by highlighting a promising software provider called Super Spade Gaming.

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The article will highlight some of the developer’s most popular games and what makes them unique. If you are looking for something new and exciting to play, any of these titles will do.

Andar Bahar

Super Spade Games frequently takes inspiration from India-themed games. One of these releases is Andar Bahar, a straightforward release that is easy to pick up and play. The game draws a single card and then tasks players with predicting if the matching card will appear on the Andar or Bahar section.

After players finish betting, the host starts drawing cards. They place one card on the Andar side, then on the Bahar side, alternating between the two until a matching card gets drawn. You also get a detailed statistics page listing the results of the previous rounds in the upper right corner.

Three Card Poker

If you enjoy a round of poker and want something a little different, Three Card Poker by Super Spade Games may be right up your alley. The big change here is that the host draws three cards for the players and three for himself, down from the usual five. That removes a layer of strategizing, which makes the release faster and easier to play.

After all cards are dealt, players can fold or keep going if they think their hand is good enough. The host then reveals their hand, with the better hand taking home the prize.

Teen Patti 20-20

Another India-inspired title is Teen Patti 20-20, a live casino game that uses a single deck of cards. In the game, you can bet that either Player A or Player B will win or that the game will end in a tie. Additionally, the game offers a couple of side bets to keep things interesting. After players finish wagering, the host starts drawing cards to both sides. The hand with the better card combination wins the round.

Teen Patti 20-20 has two side bets: Pair Plus and the 6 Card Bonus. Pair Plus side bets require either Player A or Player B to draw a pair or better to receive the reward. The stronger their hand is, the better payout Pair Plus will award. Meanwhile, the 6 Card Bonus looks at all six drawn cards and tries to form a five-card poker hand with them. You must get at least a Three-of-a-kind to receive a payout. This side bet also awards the biggest payout in Teen Patti 20-20, worth 1000:1 for a Royal Flush.

Multi Table

Alongside an excellent game library, Super Spade Games also offers a fun feature called multi table. As its name implies, the feature lets you enjoy multiple tables simultaneously. You are not limited to the same games, either. For example, you can use multi table to launch Andar Bahar and Roulette simultaneously, doubling the fun! While the feature is not for everyone, we like having the option to play multiple games in a single window.

Is Super Spade Games Worth Your Time?

We were quite pleased with Super Spade Games and the releases they offer. Their game library is a mix of classics and unique titles, which kept us playing for hours. While they will not be dethroning the biggest live dealer software providers anytime soon, their games are still excellent. As such, livecasino24.com is more than happy to recommend them to our readers.

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