Our Selection of Top Live Dealer Releases by BetGames

BetGames is not a software provider we first associate with live dealer games. However, we cannot deny they have steadily built up their game library over the years. The team always moved to set themselves apart with creative games other developers have not yet tried. Over the years, we have played many of their games and thoroughly enjoyed many of them.

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In this article, we decided to put focus on the BetGames team and their many exciting games. Interested in what the best titles they have to offer are? Read on to find out.

The Unique Way BetGames Offers Bets

Players can expect more than just notable releases from this software provider. Even traditional casino games get a unique way of handling bets. Their games have many wagers and structure them similar to sports bets. A great example of this is BetGames’ Baccarat table.

The game has your usual arrangement of main and side bets. It also has unique bet additions wagering on colours, suits, even/odd, and card totals. All bets are structured not as fixed payouts but as odds. The host pauses after every card is drawn, allowing players to place bets with changing odds. However, once you place a bet, the odds on your ticket do not change.

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War of Bets

War of Bets is all about a face-off between two cards. There are two positions on the table: the player and the dealer. The host draws a card for the player position first, waits, and then draws the dealer position card. The two cards are then compared, with the higher value card winning the round.

Available wagers include main bets, colours, suits, and value. The main bets are straightforward: players predict if the player or dealer side will win. You can also bet on War, which wins if the round ends in a tie.

Colour predicts if the player or dealer cards will be red or black. Suit tries to predict the suit player or dealer card: club, diamond, heart, or spade. Value tries to predict if either card will be less than 8, more than 8, and exactly 8. Additionally, we can predict if it will be a face card or a pip card (ace to ten).

Dice Duel

Another top-notch game by BetGames is Dice Duel. Furthermore, the game is one of the software provider’s most straightforward titles. The host shakes two dice and lets them drop into a white box. The value of the two dice gets compared, and the higher number wins.

We can bet on the main bets and numbers, odd/even, and totals side bets. The main bet is simply wagering if the red or blue dice will win. You can also stake that the round will end in a draw if both dice show the same number.

Numbers allow you to predict what number the red or blue dice will roll. You can also bet what red and blue combination will appear on the board. Odd/Even can predict the pips on the red or blue dice will be odd or even. You can also bet that the sum of the pips on both dice will be odd or even. Finally, Totals let you predict the total pip value of red dice, blue dice, or their sum.

Wheel of Fortune

Every spin has a chance to win in Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is separated into eighteen numbers, split into red, black, and grey colours. We also have a single cup position on the wheel. We can wager on direct numbers, colour, numbers, and odd/even.

Direct number bets are straightforward. Click or tap the number you want to wager on and hope you get lucky and win! You can pick any of the eighteen numbers or the cup.

Colour grants a prize if you correctly predict if the wheel will land on a red, black, or grey colour. Numbers pay if you correctly wager the range of the winning number or if it will be under or over 9.5. Odd/Even pays if you predict that the winning number is odd or even. You can also try to predict if the odd or even number will be a specific colour.

Worth Your Time?

Casino members hunting for fun releases should give BetGames a go. Their games are some of the most exciting we see tried over the years of writing for livecasino24.com. If you need a break from all the usual big names, check these titles out.