Pragmatic Play’s Super 8 Baccarat Full Review

It was not that long ago that Pragmatic Play was the new kid on the block. Fast forward to today, and the company is one of the leading live casino software providers! Part of the reason it is so successful lies in the team’s constant drive to innovate. That same drive is on display in Super 8 Baccarat, which provides the fun of playing baccarat with a new and unique feature.

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This article explores what Pragmatic Play cooked up for us in this slot. We go over how it plays, its features, and the optimal way to play the game.

Super 8 Baccarat 101

While some new additions exist, the developer does not try to reinvent the wheel. Pragmatic Play’s Super 8 Baccarat keeps the same gameplay loop long-time baccarat players are familiar with. The goal of the game is to predict whether the Player or the Banker side of the table will win. If the cards in hand form a nine, that side wins. If neither side has a nine, then the hand closest to that value wins instead.

New to the release is the Super 8 feature. The side bet tasks you with forming a natural 8 hand with the two initial cards from the Player or Banker hand. You can also play traditional baccarat side bets, such as Player/Banker Red and Black and Player/Banker Super Pair.

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How to Play Super 8 Baccarat?

Each round begins with a 15-second betting period, during which players decide what main or side bets to play. When wagering time ends, the host will start drawing cards from the deck and setting them on the table.

Super 8 Baccarat has three main bets: Player, Banker, or Tie. Player or Banker bets award a payout if the winning hand appears on that side of the table. Meanwhile, Tie wagers win if the hand value of both sides is equal.

The Banker stake has a slight advantage over the Player bet in terms of RTP. That is why it is subject to the standard 5% commission fee present in almost all live baccarat games. Banker pays 0.95:1, while Player awards a standard 1:1 reward. Tie wins are much rarer but grant an 8:1 payout.

Super 8 Baccarat Side Bets

The game has several side bets players can enjoy. Let’s start with Pragmatic Play’s unique addition to this release: the Super 8. The side bet pays if the first two cards from the Player or Banker positions form a hand that adds up to eight. If the eight hand wins, you receive a 4:1 payout, while a loss nets you a 6:1 reward.

Next up are the Player or Banker Red and Black side bets. You need two or three cards in the Player or Banker hand to have the same colour. Two cards with a matching colour grant a 2:1 payout, while three cards grant a 4:1 win. Three cards with matching colours and suits pay 10:1 on the Player side and 12:1 on the Banker position.

Last up is the Player or Banker Super Pair side bet. Winning requires you to form a pair with your two initial cards. You get better payouts depending on what pair you get. A standard pair pays 10:1, while any pair of fours grants 20:1. Next in value are diamond pairs that award 30:1. A pair of diamond fours awards the side bet’s maximum payout, worth 40:1.

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Does Super 8 Baccarat Have Any Strategies?

Super 8 Baccarat does not have any set strategies you can employ. It all comes down to getting lucky and hoping the right cards appear where you want them. You can give yourself a slight edge by only playing main stakes, which have a higher RTP than side bets and Tie wagers.

The game uses an eight-deck shoe, which means you cannot use card counting to get an advantage.

Is Pragmatic Play’s Super 8 Baccarat Worth Your Time?

We had high expectations for Super 8 Baccarat, and we are happy to see them fulfilled. Pragmatic Play does not change the gameplay loop players love. Instead, they add a new side bet, adding more ways to have fun and score some payouts. Because of that, we at are happy to recommend this release to our readers.