Prepare for a Truly Cinematic Experience in Playtech’s Jumanji: The Bonus Level Live

Strap in for a one-of-a-kind game from one of the best live casino software providers! Playtech shows us its muscles with Jumanji: The Bonus Level, a title that ensures hours upon hours of fun. It’s the latest game show from the world-famous studio, combining RNG and real-world elements into a very entertaining release.

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This article will go in-depth on how to play this title. There’s plenty to cover, so get comfy and prepared to dive into a whole new world of fun.

How It Works

The game has not one but two wheels! Each consists of 43 segments and is mounted so the side edge is visible to the player. They spin simultaneously, with one awarding prizes and bonuses while the other draws characters from the movie. Most sectors only contain one character, though a few tiles have several listed simultaneously. Both wheels also have jaguar head sections.

Before spinning the wheel, pick Ruby, Shelly, Mouse, or Smolder. If the second wheel selects your chosen character, your payout doubles. You have a limited time to place your bet on numbers one or two or the six features. You only win or get a bonus effect if you wagered on it.

Jumanji: The Bonus Level Live Bonus Features

Jungle Royale has two player positions fighting Van Pelt, throwing items at him to decrease his hit points. Each successful attack adds a multiplier reward, with what projectiles you get being random. Stones grant a 2x prize, while boomerang and bananas pay out 6x. However, missing means no payout. If both player positions bring Van Pelt’s health to zero, an extra 10x multiplier is added to the total.

Monkey Valley gives you three bridges to pick between, each coming with a certain risk level. Low risk can grant between 10x and 14x, with a 20% chance of breaking. Medium risk comes with a potential cash prize from 15x to 20x and a 40% failure chance. Finally, the high-risk bridge offers a range between 25x and 32x, but will break 80% of the time. After making your choice, monkeys run across the bridge, reducing the multipliers or destroying the bridge. What remains gets granted as your cash prize.

Snake Bite is played using a deck of 52 cards. Each card shows a basket, an antidote, or a snake. The host shuffles the cards and places five face down on the table. You then pick three cards and receive different rewards based on your chosen cards’ face value.

Wild Spin uses a single lucky wheel with 54 segments, similar to Adventures Beyond Wonderland. Landing on an animal adds its corresponding prize to your balance and ends the bonus. Re-spin spins the wheel again while applying a 5x increase to all rewards. Finally, the wheel can stop on one of four characters. That doubles the payout of all animals for all players who picked that character.

Path of Jumanji is a dice game with four participants: the Blue Monkey, Purple Crocodile, Red Elephant, or Green Rhino. Each animal has a separate 15-step path filled with multipliers leading towards the centre. You pick one of four animals at the start of the feature, receiving the rewards it picks up along the way. Steps three and eight have a green dome, which can move you forward, add a prize to your total, multiply your payout, or activate the Saving Jumanji bonus.

Rhino Run Cash Collect makes you pick between three coloured chests, each sitting on a different line. Drops will display multiplier rewards, jewels that unlock the Saving Jumanji feature, and cash collect coins along every path. You only get a prize if a coin drops – otherwise, you’re left out to dry.

Last but not least is Saving Jumanji, which comes in two flavours. If triggered using two jaguar heads, it randomly selects a character to save Jumanji, who will have their payout doubled compared to the other three. Meanwhile, activating it through Path of Jumanji or Rhino Run Cash Collect will award a random multiplier to the player who unlocked it.

Our Thoughts on Jumanji: The Bonus Level Live

We were floored by how massive this Playtech release is. Many of its bonuses could’ve been standalone games. Instead, the team rolls them all into one mouth-watering package that’ll have players coming back for more. It charmed many of us at, so we’re happy to recommend it to experienced punters. If you’re new to live dealer games, you might prefer a less complicated release.

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