Presenting Peek Baccarat: Revolutionary Baccarat Variant by Evolution

Baccarat is a popular game. However, it always felt like it was lagging behind blackjack and roulette. Fortunately, this has improved over the years as live casino games grew. Evolution always had a soft spot for baccarat games, as proved over the years. Now the team is setting off on another new baccarat venture. What does Peek Baccarat bring to casino members?

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Evolution’s latest game brings with it some exciting special features. The most important one is that players can change their minds mid-round! Casino members can also peek at their cards if they are willing to pay an extra fee. These details alone make this release very attractive to play.

Peek Baccarat Details

We do not see the developers making significant changes to core baccarat gameplay. Rounds start with a regular betting phase. During this time, casino members place wagers on the outcome they hope will happen. You need to complete all bets before the betting timer runs out. The game proceeds to the next stage at that point.

Of course, the story does not end there. This release allows players to alter their current bets. We do not yet know precisely how this mechanic will work. Changing your stakes after placing them has not been seen in live casino games yet. We cannot wait to see how Evolution handles this particular special feature!

Another superb option this game gives you is the peek mechanic. When using this feature, players can see between one and three cards on the playing field. Peeking gives you an advantage, and so it should come as no surprise it is not free. Using peeking applies a 20% fee to player bets and banker bets.

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The round proceeds as usual after all these features are played. If needed, the host might draw additional cards for the player and banker positions. How much you win is determined by the value of each hand. If you are already familiar with baccarat, the game awards its prize the same way as standard baccarat titles.

As for other bonuses? We do not know if Peek Baccarat will be offering anything else. Honestly, we do not think this game even needs additional bonuses. The additional functionality of peeking and changing your bet midway already makes it impressive. Honestly, we can easily see this game becoming a favourite!

Evolution’s Other Baccarat Games

Before Peek Baccarat, Evolution experimented with other exciting baccarat variants. One of their most successful games in the genre is Golden Wealth Baccarat. The game applies a 20% fee to your total bet. The developer uses this fee to apply multipliers up to five cards. The game chooses what cards receive the multipliers randomly. If several multipliers are part of a win, they will multiply each other to create an exciting top prize.

Alongside Golden Wealth Baccarat, the software provider has another live baccarat game with multipliers. Lightning Baccarat is similar to Golden Wealth Baccarat. Lightning Baccarat also uses multipliers that you can combine to produce some fantastic wins. The difference is in the details, so you can choose whichever release you enjoy more.

Evolution also put forward the Red Envelope feature in its classic live baccarat games. These games randomly generate these envelopes for tie, banker, and player pair wagers. Up to three envelopes can appear in every game round. Each of these red envelopes can increase the payout of these wins, up to an 88x maximum!

The team also launched a game with obvious baccarat inspiration. However, you do not play this release with cards. Instead, Evolution’s Bac Bo is played with dice! This release has four dice shakers. The game sets two on the player side and places two on the banker side. Casino members try to predict whether the player or banker side wins. If you want something slightly different, this title fits the bill.

What Lies Ahead?

Right now, Evolution is still playtesting Peek Baccarat. As such, the details on how its special features and payouts will look are not yet confirmed. We do know the expected RTP should be 97.85% when it launches. However, that might change as this release develops. Nonetheless, we cannot wait to see the final product. If it is anything like Evolution’s previous baccarat games? We are in for a treat.