Presenting Top Authentic Gaming Titles

We often talk about keeping things as realistic as possible when it comes to live casino games. Despite that, many software providers make slight adjustments that favour player convenience over immersion. When it comes to keeping it authentic, only one developer goes all the way on that front!

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Authentic Gaming is a software provider that has quickly taken the world by storm. The team started off with just three developers in 2015, and have expanded very quickly since then! Enough to catch the eye of Genting, who acquired Authentic Gaming for a tidy 15 million euro sum. Clearly, there is enough talent and potential in this team to warrant plenty of attention.

Fans of live casino roulette have no doubt already heard all about them. For everyone else, we will look at the unique experience this developer offers! Rather than playing it in a studio, all the action is livestreamed directly from real world casinos. This gives us plenty of options to choose from. Which ones are most worth your time the most?

Foxwood Resorts Live Roulette

It can be very difficult to score a ‘first’ for new developers. However, as Authentic Gaming proves, it is not impossible! The team is able to boast that it has the first ever live roulette table streamed from a USA based casino!

Now, people are usually sceptical about this table at first. After all, it is based in the US and their roulette tables usually have two zeroes. Not to worry! Foxwood Resorts Live Roulette is played using European rules, with a single zero. This table is located in a separate area of the casino. It means less crowds at the table, which is nice. The game is available 24/7, and can be played on desktop, mobile and tablets.

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Saint Vincent Live Roulette

Based in the Saint Vincent Resort and Casino, this game delivers a high-class experience most live casinos lack. Despite being based in Italy, all the action happens in English, allowing punters to easily keep up with the dealers.

Unlike more traditional roulette tables, here you have access to two at the same time! One is called Original, and the other is Professional. With other software providers, these would probably be separate games. Instead, Authentic Gaming has a special Duo option that allows you to play both at the same time! It can be played on desktop, tablets and mobile.

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Casino Hilton International Live Roulette

These tables can be found in Georgia. We really like the setting for this game. We can see the busy casino floor in the background, where dealers and players mingle and try to win. The dealers all speak English!

We placed this live roulette release here for several reasons. One, we have a Turbo Roulette table where a game is played every sixty seconds! You can bet on the next spin while the wheel is being spun. There is also casino floor roulette, meant to be exclusively played by online punters. Like with Saint Vincent’s Live Roulette, you have a Duo option that allows you to play a standard European live roulette with the Turbo roulette. This live casino game is available on all previously mentioned devices.

Auto Roulette Live Speed 1

If you prefer playing live Auto Roulette, you do not need to worry. Authentic Gaming has quite a few tables that forgo the dealer in favour of more roulette fun! If that sounds like something you might enjoy, then we definitely recommend Auto Roulette Live Speed 1. It is located in Malta, played from a special studio the developers created.

Like with other Auto Roulette tables, there is no live dealer here. Instead, this table focuses on keeping each game round as short as possible. This release clocks it at 55 seconds per round, only slightly beating the Turbo Roulette table at Casino Hilton.

Blaze Auto Roulette

Another entry from the Authentic arena in Malta is Blaze Auto Roulette. It plays very similarly to other live Auto Roulette games, with one key exception. This table has a presenter! Unlike standard live roulette releases, here the presenter does not interact with the wheel in any way. He just comments on what is going on and keeps things entertaining! We really like this table. The only downside is that it is only open from 19:00 to 01:00 every day.