Try New Andar Bahar with Joker Suit Side Bet by Creedroomz

While it may not frequently be in the headlines, Creedroomz has slowly been making a name for itself in the live casino space. The team uses both novel ideas and fantastic games to win players over and get them excited for more.

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This article discusses Creedroomz’s upcoming live dealer title, Andar Bahar. We go over its gameplay, bonus features, top prizes, and more. Does this game have what it takes to charm audiences worldwide? Keep reading to find out.

The Basics of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a well-established game already quite popular with live casino players. While Creedroomz’s title adds a few extras you cannot get elsewhere, the basics stay the same.

The Joker card is set down at the start of every round. To win, you must predict where a card matching the Joker card’s value will appear. The host sequentially deals cards to the Andar and Bahar positions during the game. When the matching card is drawn, the round ends and payouts are awarded.

Creedroomz’s Andar Bahar uses a single 52-card deck shuffled at the end of every round. That prevents players from gaining an advantage with card counting. However, you can try and get ahead using the game’s bonus features.

Andar Bahar Features & Side Bets

The standout addition to this title is the Joker Suit side bet. As its name implies, it grants a cash prize if you correctly guess what the Joker card’s suit will be.

Furthermore, Andar Bahar comes with several standard side bets: First 3, Andar on First, and Bahar on First. First 3 attempts to form the best three-card poker hand with the Joker Card and the first two dealt cards. Meanwhile, Andar on First and Bahar on First win if the matching card is the first card that lands on Andar or Bahar, respectively.

Last but not least, you can bet on how many cards it will take for the matching card to appear. The Aurum feature applies a multiplier to a maximum of five range boxes, increasing their rewards up to a 4,000x maximum.

Summing Up Andar Bahar

Much like Roba, the Robot Croupier, Andar Bahar shows Creedroomz isn’t content with being just another software provider. Using side bets and the Aurum bonus feature, the developer twists a familiar formula into something unique. They’re simple changes but make all the difference when chasing jackpots and having fun.

Overall, this game has something to offer to both Andar Bahar veterans and total newcomers. If what you’ve read seems interesting, we recommend checking this title out.

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