Adventures Beyond Wonderland & Crazy Time Compared

When you have two similar games launch in the same year, comparisons between them are naturally drawn. Crazy Time was first to come to the market, riding on Evolution’s prior successes with lucky wheels. Meanwhile, Adventures Beyond Wonderland was something brand new to Playtech. Both companies managed to create something fun and distinct that sets them apart from one another.

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In this article, we will look at the similarities and differences between these two titles. We will highlight what makes them fun to play, as well as the various bonuses they use to attract players. No matter which option you choose, you are guaranteed a fun time.

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What Stays the Same?

Well, for starters – both are lucky wheels. The structure powering them is almost identical. Both games use a wheel with 54 positions, which can grant bonuses and cash payouts. Rewards are awarded the same way in both cases. Standard bets always grant their face value as a cash prize. Meanwhile, you need to place a wager on almost all bonuses in order to activate them. The sole exception to this are Mystery Spins in Adventures Beyond Wonderland!

The math model behind the two games also works out to be somewhat similar despite offering different bonuses. Crazy Time’s top RTP is 96.08%, while its competitor offers an RTP of 96.06%. For both titles, your best option is to play several wagers at once. This allows you to land a few wins here and there, and take advantage of bonuses as they come up. They also offer the same maximum jackpot, set to €500,000 per spin.

Both wheels are also trying to attract the same type of player. Both offer complex, exciting bonuses that can create incredible prizes through RNG engines. This is in contrast to Evolution’s Dream Catcher or Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel, who solely use multipliers to boost payouts.

What’s Different?

One thing that immediately stands out between these two future live casino classics are the special features it offers. Adventures Beyond Wonderland has wonderspins that use a double wheel, and can grant incredible payouts. Magic Dice give you some slot-like action, which lets you climb up to a 100x win multiplier. Best of all are the mystery bonus spins, which is the only special feature that does not require betting to win!

Crazy Time’s bonuses are grandiose affairs when compared to its rival. Some promotions draw inspiration from other titles, like Cash Hunt and Pachinko. Others, like Coin Flip, are just there to provide a easy to understand but lucrative special feature. Best of all is the Crazy Time bonus, which gives you a spin on a massive 64-segment wheel! Each of the four bonuses and cash prizes can be granted a random multiplier.

Which One to Pick?

Ultimately, it all boils down to which bonuses you like more. These are very similar games, and you will have a blast no matter what you choose to play. For their first attempt at a lucky wheel, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an awesome creation by Playtech. With its interesting bonuses and thrilling maximum payout, we can see many players settling on it as their choice.

However, Evolution are very persuasive in getting you to play Crazy Time, too. It definitely offers a higher budget experience, despite the payouts remaining mostly the same. The game was so good it took the Innovation in Casino Entertainment award at the SBC 2020 Awards. This commitment to fun and quality is what allowed Evolution to purchase NetEnt recently. Players will always reward innovative and exciting releases, and Crazy Time is exactly that!

As such, there is no final decision to make. Both games use the same basis to deliver a somewhat different experience. We suggest trying both, and sticking to the one you like better. That way, you get to enjoy two awesome titles and determine which one suits your tastes.