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Diamond Rush Roulette follows in the footsteps of other successful games with multipliers like Lightning Roulette. However, this title brings its additions to the formula, ensuring this release remains unique in a sea of familiar games.

OnAir Entertainment went above and beyond to elevate the gameplay. Every spin can trigger one of two bonus features if the wheel lands on a chosen number. Will it live up to our high expectations? Read on to find out.

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How to Play Diamond Rush Roulette

Time needed: 4 minutes

The software provider ensures Diamond Rush Roulette is played similarly to other roulette titles. The differences and chances to win big come from its randomly triggered features. Keep reading to learn all about how to play this title.

  1. Find Diamond Rush Roulette in a casino and launch it from the lobby

    Open a gambling site that offers OnAir Entertainment games and find Diamond Rush Roulette there. Click or tap on the game to launch it. After a short load, the gorgeous studio and live host will appear on your screen.

  2. Place your wagers

    Before the game begins, players have to bet money on the outcome. You can wager on one or more numbers simultaneously using a variety of bets. You have until the timer hits zero to place your stakes. Once it expires, you have to wait until the next round to bet again.

  3. Lucky And Bonus Numbers are picked

    While the host starts spinning the wheel, the game will randomly choose eleven numbers out of thirty-seven. Ten numbers will have multipliers added to them, which go up to 500x. The eleventh will be the Bonus Number, which is used to unlock the interactive special feature.
    Diamand Rush Roulette HT4 LC24

  4. The winning number is drawn

    The wheel eventually starts slowing down, resulting in the ball stopping on one of the numbers. If it lands on a position you wagered on, you will win a prize corresponding to your bet. However, you lose the round and any money you wagered if you fail to get the correct number.
    Diamand Rush Roulette HT5 LC24

OnAir Entertainment elegantly combines roulette gameplay and RNG elements to create a familiar but still unique game. Random multipliers and the bonus feature go a long way in making every round more exciting and improving potential payouts. Below, we outline what you can expect from these two features.

Bonus Features

The Lucky Numbers and attached multipliers are easy to grasp. It’s as simple as betting on a number that gets chosen and receiving the increased payout if it wins.

Meanwhile, the Bonus Number triggers the other special feature. It consists of six consecutive levels, with each new level improving the potential multiplier. At the highest possible level, you can collect a 5,000x multiplier.

Diamond Rush Roulette Results

Despite all the additions, OnAir Entertainment’s Diamond Rush Roulette retains the familiar gameplay loop. It uses a European Roulette wheel with a single zero, which has thirty-seven total numbers.

The expected RTP on straight-up bets is 97.69%. While other roulette wagers are available and have a better return, they are not eligible for either bonus feature. Because of that, we advise either using straight-up stakes or playing regular European Roulette instead. However, just because you’re locked to one bet type doesn’t stop you from using strategies. If betting on multiple positions, you can wager on numbers adjacent to each other on the wheel. That way, you are more likely to score a cash prize at the cost of betting more every round.

Diamond Rush Roulette Tracker

Like all top-tier roulette games, this game has a tool that lets you track the history of previous rounds. You can see the winning numbers, the cash prize, and active multipliers. The title also has statistics, which break down historical data to reveal trends. You can see hot and cold numbers, whether red or black numbers won more frequently, and more.


If you enjoyed Lightning Roulette and want more live casino games like it, then Diamond Rush Roulette will be right up your street. It offers similar gameplay but does enough to set itself apart from Evolution’s title. With February almost here, we won’t have to wait long to jump in and try our luck with this game.

FAQ about Diamond Rush Roulette

Diamond Rush Roulette is an exciting live roulette variant made by OnAir Entertainment. It combines standard roulette gameplay with multipliers, drastically improving your odds of winning big.

The game’s RTP is 97.69% for straight-up bets.

Wagering on the number chosen as the Bonus Number will activate the feature. You progress through six levels, with the multiplier increasing the longer the bonus lasts.

The maximum possible win in this roulette game is 5,000x your total stake.

You cannot. The two special features are separate.