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Online roulette is a live casino classic. Over the years, the game has seen many shifts and iterations. It is a must-have for any software provider entering the live casino space.

Ezugi is no stranger to roulette games. We cannot think of a better software provider to tackle Ultimate Roulette. The game maintains the roulette gameplay we are familiar with while adding multipliers into the mix.

Ezugi is not the first casino software provider to tackle this concept. Because of that, they need to take an extra step to draw players over to their release. Will Ultimate Roulette succeed in charming a worldwide audience?

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How to Play Ultimate Roulette

Each round of Ultimate Roulette starts with players placing bets on the roulette betting board. Select the value of your coin and then put it on the betting board. Depending on where you place the coin, you will play one or more numbers.

After bets close, the game randomly chooses up to five numbers and applies multipliers to them. Your wager needs to cover the boosted number to benefit from the multiplier. The roulette wheel spins and draws the winning number. You receive a prize corresponding to your stake if you correctly predicted it.

Ultimate Roulette Ezugi
Ultimate Roulete by Ezugi

Game Features

Ultimate Roulette’s key selling feature is its multipliers. The game can pick any number on the roulette wheel to apply a multiplier. In every game round, one to five Lucky numbers receive random multipliers, which may reach up to 1,000x. Then there’s the option to buy up to three extra Lucky numbers per game round. The multiplier can naturally appear with a 1,000x maximum multiplier.

Of course, Ezugi did not stop there. The team also added extra elements to the multipliers to make them appealing. First, the game can randomly double the awarded multiplier. That means the 1,000x max multiplier mentioned above can be increased to 2,000x! Casino members may also draw extra multipliers. Multipliers can also spread up to three neighbouring numbers. All these features increase the odds of winning big.

Video Performance

The company decided on a brand new studio for Ultimate Roulette. Ezugi set this release in a new, carnival-themed studio. The bright colors and friendly hosts do a great job raising the atmosphere and helping us fall in love with this title. The video quality is excellent as well. Then again, we would expect nothing less from an established developer like Ezugi!

Our Thoughts on Ultimate Roulette

Ezugi faced an uphill battle when it came to making Ultimate Roulette successful. Many software providers have already made their versions of multiplier roulette. If this title was going to be successful, it needed something unique.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Ezugi gave us plenty of reasons to try Ultimate Roulette. Spreading multipliers to adjacent numbers and having them double in value randomly are excellent additions. If you enjoy multiplier roulette, we highly recommend checking this release out too.