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Many fans of NetEnt’s Roulette Max were heartbroken when Evolution chose to pull the plug on the game after acquiring the studio. However, OnAir Entertainment realized this game’s potential and decided to make a new one with a similar concept.

As a result, Nexus Roulette by OnAir Entertainment is a spiritual successor to the popular Roulette Max. However, this title puts its spin on the four roulette wheels formula that we think you will enjoy.

To make this title work, the developer streamlines roulette gameplay and adds a couple of new bets. The changes to this release are fascinating, and we’ll give you an in-depth look into them in this review.

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How to Play Nexus Roulette

Time needed: 4 minutes

While there are four roulette wheels, there’s only one main wheel. Thanks to that, the core gameplay loop stays the same, not counting the slightly modified bets and multipliers.

  1. Find Nexus Roulette in a trusted online live casino

    You can find Nexus Roulette on many LC24-approved live dealer sites. After opening an account on one of them, you’ll find Nexus Roulette in their live casino section. Press or tap on the tile to launch the game.
    Nexus Roulette OnAir LC24 HT1

  2. Place your bets

    You’re given fewer bets than in the base game. Of the inside wagers, only straight-up and line bets remain. Line bets do not benefit from any boosts, while the other wheels can increase winnings from straight-up wagers. There are also column, color, sum, and Nexus bets, which require the outside wheels to be won. To bet any wager, select a coin and place it on the betting board.

    Nexus Roulette OnAir LC24 HT2

  3. The wheels start spinning

    The wheels will begin spinning once the betting timer ends. The main wheel will display its result first, followed by the results from the other three wheels. You may receive an increased payout depending on your wager and if any of the drawn numbers match.
    Nexus Roulette OnAir LC24 HT3

  4. The round ends

    Once all winners receive their rewards, the round ends, and a new one automatically begins. You can choose to keep playing the same wagers or switch them up before the next round begins.

    Nexus Roulette OnAir LC24 HT4

As you can see, the changes made to Nexus Roulette are nothing drastic. It all comes down to unlocking multipliers by getting overlapping numbers on several wheels. In the section below, we’ll discuss how each wager handles these prize increases.

Bonus Features

The way multipliers work is easiest to see with the straight-up bet. First, you must guess the winning number correctly on the main wheel, like in regular roulette. After that, the three additional wheels spin. If any of their balls also land on the winning number, you receive an increased payout.

For outside bets, you’re not targeting a specific number. Instead, the goal is to get enough matches on the wheels to unlock a cash prize.

Column bets pay if three or four wheels land on the same column. Similarly, Colour Zone bets require three or four wheels to draw a number with the same color as the one you picked to award a cash prize.

Nexus bets require two or more matching numbers to land across the wheels. The more numbers end up matching, the better your payout will be. As it’s not aiming for a set number, a Nexus bet is more likely to win than a straight-up bet. However, the rewards are lower to compensate.

Last is the Wheel Sum bet, which tasks players with predicting the sum of all four numbers drawn by the wheels. Very low and very high sums pay more, while sums skewing towards the middle offer minimal rewards.

Nexus Roulette Results

Nexus Roulette uses four single-zero wheels and follows a European Roulette ruleset. You still have to predict the winning number on the main wheel, with additional wheels only providing a chance to boost your payouts.

If you choose to stick with line bets and play this game like a standard European Roulette table, your RTP will be the usual 97.3%. If you use straight-up bets in hopes of getting lucky with multipliers, the RTP is slightly lower, at 97.05%. That said, we think the trade-off is well worth the trouble for a chance at winning up to 5,000x your total stake.

Nexus Roulette Tracker

Like all modern roulette games, Nexus Roulette has a statistics page where you can look at the results of previous rounds. Along with seeing the winning numbers, you can spot hot and cold numbers and how frequently each outside bet paid out.


If you enjoyed NetEnt Live’s Max Roulette back in the day, then we can guarantee you’ll adore Nexus Roulette. We’re confident that everyone who enjoys roulette with multipliers will find OnAir Entertainment’s release entertaining. It’s a fantastic addition to the live roulette genre, which is why we wholeheartedly suggest playing it.

FAQ about Nexus Roulette

Nexus Roulette is a live roulette variant that uses four roulette wheels instead of one. It has a main wheel that determines the results and three extra wheels that can enhance your winnings.

To win an outside bet in Nexus Roulette, players must get matching results on the majority of wheels. The only exception is the Wheel Sum wager, which adds the drawn numbers from every wheel together.

The highest possible multiplier in Nexus Roulette is 5,000x your total bet.

It does not. The game exclusively uses physical roulette wheels to determine results and whether any multipliers are unlocked.

The title’s RTP is 97.05% for straight-up bets and 97.3% for line bets.

Written by Geron de Werd

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