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Mega Roulette was one of the games that put Pragmatic Play Live on the map. The title added multipliers, allowing players to take home prizes worth up to 500x.

Auto Mega Roulette follows in the same footsteps, except the dealer is removed from the equation.

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What is Auto Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play?

Auto Mega Roulette is a live casino roulette game using the company’s state-of-the-art studio. It has a gorgeous neon blue backdrop with massive skyscrapers on either side of the screen. The game comes with just one bonus feature: Mega Multipliers.

The title uses a European Roulette wheel with a single zero. You can place bets on one or more numbers by setting chips on the betting table.

After the betting time ends, the wheel begins spinning and releases a small ball. The slot in which that ball lands is the winning number. If you have placed your bet on it, you will receive a cash prize. How much you win depends on the bet type. If you place a straight-up bet, you can also benefit from a multiplier.

How to Play Auto Mega Roulette

Time needed: 3 minutes

Despite some changes to the roulette formula, Auto Mega Roulette is super easy to pick up and enjoy. We go over how to play this game one step at a time.

  1. Open a live casino that has Auto Mega Roulette

    Select a live casino with Auto Mega Roulette and log into your account. After signing in, find Auto Mega Roulette in the lobby and launch it. After loading, you will see the roulette wheel and betting board in front of you.
    The Auto Mega Roulette Live Studio

  2. Place a bet

    Pick one of the available coins from the list and set them down on the grid. While you can place bets that cover multiple numbers, they cannot benefit from multipliers. As such, we recommend wagering on several straight up options instead.Auto Mega Roulette HT3

  3. The wheel starts spinning

    After the betting time is up, you can no longer place any chips. The roulette wheel starts spinning. At this point, the game randomly adds multipliers to up to five numbers.
    Auto Mega Roulette HT5

  4. The wheel stops

    The wheel will stop spinning after a while. The round ends when the roulette ball stops on one of the numbers on the wheel. You win the corresponding cash prize if it lands on a number you bet on.
    Auto Mega Roulette HT4

Payout table:

Bet TypePayout
Straight Up (1 Number)29-499:1
Split (2 Numbers)17:1
Street (3 Numbers)11:1
Corner (4 Numbers)8:1
Six Line (6 Numbers)5:1
Column/Dozen (12 Numbers)2:1
Red/Black (18 Numbers)1:1
Even/Odd (18 Numbers)1:1
1-18/19-36 (18 Numbers)1:1

Game Interface

With no dealer around to keep people invested, live chat isn’t as appealing as usual. However, you can still interact with fellow players and comment on the outcome of each round.

No host also means a better overview of the studio and the eye-catching backdrop. Pragmatic Play uses two 4K quality cameras to capture what’s happening on the roulette wheel. Additionally, you can choose to zoom in at any time.

Auto Mega Roulette’s user interface was designed with both desktop and mobile devices in mind. You can play the game on mobile devices in portrait and landscape modes, with the latter being more immersive. Betting is as simple as picking the chips that match your budget and placing them on the positions you wish to wager on. Setting the chip directly on the number is a straight-up bet, while placing it between two numbers is a split wager.

The bonus games of Auto Mega Roulette

There’s only one bonus feature in Auto Mega Roulette you need to worry about: the Mega Multipliers.

Mega Multipliers

Between one and five lucky numbers are selected on every round and have a multiplier applied to them. Each multiplier ranges from 50x to 500x, providing a sizeable increase over the standard 29:1 payout.

Getting the boosted prize requires you to wager on a number with a multiplier on it and win the round. Only single-number bets can receive the multiplier boost.

Strategy to Play Auto Mega Roulette

As the multipliers are random, there’s no way to predict what numbers will be chosen or how big the payout increase will be. However, you can get around this by placing straight up wagers on all numbers. While this gives you the best odds of catching every multiplier win, it’s prohibitively expensive. If you’re looking for something easier on the budget, you can cover only half of the betting board instead.

You can play Auto Mega Roulette as a regular roulette game if you don’t want to chase multipliers. This allows for using less risky betting systems like the Paroli. The downside of this approach is that you cannot score the 500x top prize.

FAQ about Auto Mega Roulette

Auto Mega Roulette is the automated version of Mega Roulette, a popular Pragmatic Play title. It retains the same exciting gameplay and bonus features with faster rounds.

Auto Mega Roulette’s top prize is 500x your total stake.

The game is available on personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Auto Mega Roulette supports both landscape and portrait modes.

According to Pragmatic Play, Auto Mega Roulette will be playable in online casinos from the 18th of July 2023.

Auto Mega Roulette is made by Pragmatic Play Live, a leading live dealer software provider. They are the brains behind many player favorites and use those skills to make this game memorable.

Yes, you can. The strategy we outlined in this article increases your chances of hitting multiplied payouts. However, it is a costly way to boost your odds, making it ideal for high rollers.