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Football lovers finally have the game which is perfect for them. Football studio combines the best of the world of cards and football. The game is very similar to Evolution Gaming Live Dragon Tiger, but has a football twist.

If Live Dragon Tiger is intended for the Asian market, Live Football Studio is purposefully made for European players. Everyone knows that Europeans are crazy for football and this game addresses that. Nevertheless, players who follow top tier football leagues are sure to enjoy this game regardless of their location.

Play Live Football Studio Here:

How to Play Live Football Studio

Live Football Studio is a game which is played in the simplest ways imaginable. In it, the live dealer takes two cards out of the decks which are on his disposal and assigns one card to each player. Here, the players are the home side and the away side. The table is purposefully designed as a football pitch and both players are on opposing sides. Once the two cards are dealt, there are three possible outcomes: Home Win, Away Win or Draw.

The rules here are as simple as they can possibly be. If you have backed the higher card in the duel, you are the winner. If the two cards are the same, then players who have backed the draw outcome are the winners.

As with Live Dragon Tiger, there are certain rules in Live Football Studio which put the player in a privileged position. If he/she puts some money on the Draw outcome and on a Home or Away Win, there is a catch. If the hand results in a draw, players who backed Draw are paid out 11:1. In addition to this, players who backed Home or Away also get half of their bet back. Backing either Home or Away Win always doubles players’ money as the two outcomes are at evens.

Fully Legit

Live Football Studio is a fully licensed and regulated card game. It is regulated under several regulatory bodies. These include the Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Football Commentary

There is a reason why this live casino game is called Live Football Studio. It is because it is all about the most popular sport in the world. In addition to the table being football pitch-like, the running commentary from the dealers is also football themed.

This is what makes Live Football Studio so special to players. The running commentary means that players can play a perfectly good card game while talking about their favourite game. They can back the home or away side while at the same time discussing football.

They can also talk about the top games played in the EPL and La Liga and win some money doing it. What more can a football aficionado ask for. Playing and winning in a very easy-to-understand card game and talking about football. Evolution Gaming have once again outdone themselves.

Live Chat

Another thing which puts Live Football Studio in a league of its own is the live chat option. With it, players can talk with the dealer about everything football related.

The dealers are well versed in all things football related. In fact, they really appreciate players who love the game as much as they do. You can talk to them for hours about the last top flight match you watched. You are guaranteed to lose track of time as they share the same passion for football as you do.

Game Stats

Statistics play a huge part in football and Live Football Studio is no different. If a player wants to be successful in the game, he/she will have to cover the stats first.

The detailed tab with live game stats located in the bottom right corner is a must for all football lovers. There, players can see the most recent outcomes. They are shown with either H, for home win, A, for an away win or D, for draw.