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Baccarat remains one of the top dogs of online casinos. The game’s straightforward game loop made it a smashing success when it first appeared in brick-and-mortar venues. Since then, it has only continued to grow, with more players enjoying its gameplay every year!

Playtech’s VIP Baccarat seeks to tap into a particular part of that audience: the high rollers. What kind of exclusive goodies does it offer to draw the VIPs in?

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How to Play VIP Baccarat

VIP Baccarat does not change the gameplay. Instead, it offers a lavish environment that makes you feel like playing the game somewhere exclusive. You need to correctly predict whether the player or banker side will win the round. The host draws two cards for both positions and will also draw a third card if it is needed. The hand closest to nine when the round ends is the winner.

This release also has several road maps. These are very helpful since they allow you to track the results of previous rounds. You could use these results to try and find patterns to exploit in the future! The RTP for VIP Baccarat is 98.76%.

Game Features

Playtech does more to attract high rollers than just offering an exclusive-looking game. It also incentivizes players to compete for who bets the most each round! The player with the highest wager gets to squeeze or peek at the cards. That allows them to find out the game’s result earlier than other players; an authentic VIP experience.

VIP Baccarat also features two popular baccarat side bets. First up are the pair side bets. Either pair pays if a pair appears on either the Player or Banker side of the table. Banker or player pairs require the pair to appear on the corresponding side. Finally, perfect pair only pays if the two cards have the same suit and value.

The second side bet is the big and small wagers. The big side bet wins if the round ends with five or six cards drawn. Meanwhile, the small side bet pays if the round ends with four cards.

As with all Playtech games, VIP Baccarat offers live chat. You can use it to talk with the host and other players while playing the game.

Video Performance

The developer knocked it out of the park with excellent video quality. The studio uses state-of-the-art cameras to ensure the best possible broadcast quality. However, you can decrease the video quality if you need to save bandwidth. VIP Baccarat also has a straightforward user interface, which will be immediately familiar to any baccarat veteran.

Our Thoughts on VIP Baccarat

VIP Baccarat could have settled on just higher table limits and the VIP tag to draw in high rollers. Instead, Playtech went one step further by adding an incentive to place big bets that outshine everyone else. This Playtech release should be on your radar if you want to feel like a big shark while enjoying baccarat.