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Super 8 Baccarat takes a game we all know and love and breathes new life into it. This title introduces new side bets, spicing up the gameplay and letting you score bigger prizes.

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What is Super 8 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play?

Super 8 Baccarat is a live dealer baccarat table built around a brand-new set of side bets. The game is streamed from a lavish studio with a green, gold, and purple backdrop that looks quite luxurious.

The title uses several 52-card decks that are reshuffled once enough cards have been drawn. To win, players must predict whether the Player or Banker side will receive a hand value closest to nine.

Both sides start with two cards, with a possible third being drawn for one or both positions. If you correctly guessed the winning side, you get a cash prize. Otherwise, you lose the round.

Payout table:

Bet TypePayout
Player / Banker1:1
Super 8Player or Banker win with Natural 8 – 4:1
Game ends with Natural 8 tie – 6:1
Player or Banker loses with Natural 8 – 6:1
Player / Banker Super PairsPair of Diamond 4’s – 40:1
Other pair of 4’s – 20:1
Diamond Pairs (except 4’s)  – 30:1
Other Pairs (except 4’s) – 10:1
Player Red/Black2 coloured cards – 2:1
3 coloured cards – 3:1
3 cards suited – 10:1
Banker Red/Black2 coloured cards – 2:1
3 coloured cards – 4:1
3 cards suited – 12:1

Game Interface

If you enjoy talking with the host and other players, you’ll be happy to hear live chat is available. You can see several previous messages when you open it, making joining an ongoing conversation easier.

Pragmatic Play Live uses several 4K cameras centred on the dealer and the table. The game automatically swaps between them as the round progresses.

We love Pragmatic Play’s baccarat UI and are happy to see the team chose to stick with it in this title. Super 8 Baccarat makes minor adjustments here and there but keeps all the core elements. The live casino game has several roadmaps set on each side of the betting board. All wagering positions are clearly labelled, with main bets also showing percentages. They tell you how many players decided to put money down on each option.

The Super 8 Baccarat Studio

The bonus games of Super 8 Baccarat

The appeal of Super 8 Baccarat lies in the many unique side bets it offers. If regular baccarat’s no longer as fun as it used to be, this title may reignite your love for the game.

Super 8 Side Bet

The Super 8 side bet wins if your first two initial cards form a natural 8 hand. Just winning gives you a 4:1 reward. However, if the round ends in a natural 8 tie or loss, the payout increases to 6:1. The Super 8 side bet is only active during the first 30 hands of a dealing shoe.

Player / Banker Super Pairs

This side bet grants a reward if the first two cards on your chosen side create a pair. What kind of reward you get depends on the type of pair you score. The most valuable one is a pair of diamond 4’s, which award a 40:1 payout. Meanwhile, other diamond pairs are worth 30:1. Getting any other pair of 4’s nets you 20:1. Finally, all other pairs pay 10:1. Once 50 hands are dealt, you cannot play the side bet until the decks are reshuffled.

Player / Banker Red/Black

The Player or Banker Red/Black requires you to match the colour or suit of cards in your hand. You receive a payout for two matching cards, three matching cards, and three suited cards. Player hands win 2:1 for two coloured cards, 4:1 for three coloured cards, and 10:1 for three suited cards. Banker hands offer the same payouts except for the suited cards, which award 12:1 instead.  

The side bet stops being active after 30 hands are dealt.

How to Play Super 8 Baccarat

Time needed: 2 minutes

Super 8 Baccarat does not make any gameplay changes outside of its side bets. Because of that, any prior experience with baccarat will ensure you are familiar with this variant.

  1. Go to a live casino with Super 8 Baccarat

    After signing into your account, open Super 8 Baccarat from the game’s list. Once the game loads, you can start betting.
    Super 8 Baccarat HT1

  2. Start Wagering

    Click or tap on the coins beneath the betting board to select one. Then, place them on all the wagers you want to play. You have to complete all your bets before the timer runs out.Super 8 Baccarat HT2

  3. Cards are Drawn

    Once betting ends, the dealer will place two cards on the Player and Banker sides. Third cards may be drawn if there’s a need for them. Once all cards are dealt, the hands are compared, and the winner is determined. If the position you bet on is closest to nine, you win the round and a cash reward.
    Super 8 Baccarat HT3

Strategy to Play Super 8 Baccarat

Super 8 Baccarat’s side bets are just as luck-dependent as the rest of the game is. This game has no guaranteed winning strategy, barring the usual trend chasing using road maps.

FAQ about Super 8 Baccarat

Super 8 Baccarat is a live casino baccarat game with unique side bets.

Super 8 Baccarat’s top prize is 40:1.

Super 8 Baccarat is available on all modern smartphones and tablets.

Super 8 Baccarat launched on May 25th, 2022.

The game was created by Pragmatic Play Live. If the name rings a bell, that’s because the same team is behind many players’ favorite titles.