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We love baccarat. It is one of our favorite games, one we can spend hours playing without getting bored. Sometimes, we want to skip past the downtime and enjoy as many rounds as possible. That is where Speed Baccarat comes into play!

In this game, the host draws the cards faster than in traditional baccarat. Join us to look at this game and how it cuts down on waiting times between each round.

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How to Play Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat does not make any gameplay changes to what you are familiar with. If you have played baccarat before, you will know what to expect. The significant change in this Pragmatic Play release is betting times are only 15 seconds. Furthermore, the team also draws cards quicker, further shortening how long each round lasts.

You can enjoy a traditional baccarat experience or swap to No-Commission mode that offers the super six side bet. The game also has various statistics to help you decide what bet you want to play next. If you enjoy specific bets, you can repeat them using AutoPlay. The RTP for Speed Baccarat is 98.94%.

Pragmatic Play Speed Baccarat is a Great Game

Game Features

The game has multiple side bets that live casino players can play. The four most straightforward side bets include player pair, banker pair, either pair and perfect pair. The player and banker pair require the pair to be on the corresponding side. Either pair can be in either player or banker position. Finally, the perfect pair needs the pair to have matching suits.

Another side bet is the Big and Small wagers. This side bet counts how many cards total are on the table when the round ends. Small wins if four cards are present on the board, while Big wins if five or six cards are on the table.

Speed Baccarat features a live chat option. We can talk to other players and the host while playing the game using it.

Video Performance

Pragmatic Play broadcasts Speed Baccarat from its Bucharest studio. That allows the team to use their 4K quality cameras to deliver the best visual experience possible. Players can zoom in on the cards to focus on the gameplay. The user interface displays everything clearly without getting in the way.

Our Thoughts on Speed Baccarat

This game is perfect for players who want standard baccarat played quickly. The fast pace is ideal for experienced players. Several side bets, outstanding video quality, and different features confirm our decision to recommend this game to our readers.