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Baccarat is a live dealer classic. It’s a must-have game for any online casino as it attracts a massive audience. Pragmatic Play’s Mega Baccarat takes that winning formula and adds a unique twist with its Mega Round bonus feature.

The game show features the Mega Round, which is initiated only if the outcome of the rolled dice is 8 or 9.

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What is Mega Baccarat by Pragmatic Play?

Mega Baccarat is a live casino baccarat game streamed from a unique studio designed explicitly for this title. It has a gorgeous reddish-pink color scheme, with decorations behind the dealer that remind us of a peacock’s tail. Alongside standard baccarat gameplay, you can enjoy the Mega Round feature.

The game uses eight 52-card decks, which are reshuffled often. Your goal is to predict whether the Player or Banker side will come out on top.

The outcome of each round is determined by the cards present on the table. At the end of the round, the hand closest to nine receives a cash prize. You can also look forward to a multiplier boost if you get lucky. The feature is rare enough to be exciting but not so hard to trigger. So, you won’t have to wait for hundreds of rounds to play out before it triggers.

Payout table:

Bet TypePayout
Player / Banker1-100:1
Player Pair / Banker Pair10-1,000:1

Game Interface

Live chat is an essential addition to almost every Pragmatic Play Live title, and Mega Baccarat is no exception. The dealers are constantly keeping an eye on the chat but rarely chime in with any comments.

The host sits center stage behind the game’s lavish background image. That makes it easy to track how they deal the cards. Three cameras with 4K quality set up at different angles capture the action. Mega Baccarat seamlessly swaps between them for maximum immersion.

This isn’t Pragmatic Play’s first baccarat game. The developer reuses their excellent UI from previous titles, making a few minor adjustments to work with multipliers. All possible wagers on the betting board are clearly labeled, which is a huge plus. Additionally, they display percentages, showing how many players put money down on each outcome. The game also has two roadmaps, helping you identify trends and predict future results.

How to Play Mega Baccarat

Time needed: 3 minutes

No major gameplay differences exist between regular and Mega Baccarat. The only new addition is the dice shaker, which determines whether you keep the awarded multipliers.

  1. Find a live casino with Mega Baccarat

    Sign into your account and find Mega Baccarat in the casino’s game library. Press play to launch the game and start betting.
    Mega Baccarat Ht1

  2. Place Your Bets

    After clicking on the game, the casino takes you to the Pragmatic Play Live Studio. Select a coin that best matches your budget and place it on the bets you think will win. You have a limited time to wager, so don’t wait too long.Mega Baccarat HT2

  3. The Mega Round begins

    Once betting ends, the Mega Round bonus feature activates. It adds multipliers to one or more wagers while the camera switches to the dice shaker. The shaker stops after a few seconds, revealing the dice results. If their sum is eight or nine, the multipliers will remain active.
    Mega Baccarat ht3

  4. Cards are Drawn

    The dealer will draw two cards for both the Player and Banker positions. A third card will be dealt to one or both sides if needed. The two hands are compared, and the one closest to nine is the winner. If you correctly guessed the winning hand or that the round would end in a tie, you receive a cash prize.
    Mega Baccarat ht5

The bonus games of Mega Baccarat

Mega Baccarat offers Player and Banker Pair side bets, which are present in almost every live dealer baccarat we can think of. New and unique to this title is the Mega Round.

Mega Round

The Mega Round activates after you finish placing your bets. It adds multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x to some or all betting positions. Whether you get to keep said multipliers depends on a dice roll. If the sum of two dice is an eight or a nine, the multipliers become active. If the result is anything else, the multipliers are removed.

This bonus feature applies a 20% Mega fee to all bets. Keep that in mind as you plan how much to wager every round.

Player/Banker Pair

Player and Banker Pair are side bets that award cash prizes if the first two cards dealt to the corresponding side have the same value. Both Player and Banker Pairs have a 10:1 payout. However, multipliers can increase the side bet’s maximum reward to 1,000:1.

Mega Baccarat by Pragmatic Play

Strategy to Play Mega Baccarat

Unfortunately, there’s no easy strategy that will guarantee a big multiplier reward. Multipliers depend on a pair of dice displaying the right numbers, which is impossible to predict.

Ultimately, your best bet is to take the same approach as in other baccarat games. If you catch a trend in the baccarat roadmaps, try and make use of it. Otherwise, cross your fingers and hope Lady Luck has your back.

What is Mega Baccarat?

Mega Baccarat is a variant of a popular live casino game that combines baccarat gameplay with multipliers.

Mega Baccarat has a top prize worth 1,000:1.

Yes, you can. Mega Baccarat is available on desktop and mobile. The user interface is adjusted for smartphones and tablets, making playing the game easier with touchscreen controls.

Mega Baccarat was developed by Pragmatic Play Live. They are one of the best live dealer software providers on the market, with lots of exciting game shows and fun variants.