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Baccarat comes in many shapes and sizes. Today, we’re taking a look at Fortune 6 Baccarat, a fun variant that introduces new, exciting side bets. Keep reading to learn more about this title and how it stacks up to basic baccarat.

This game is a variation of one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world! Fortune 6 provides players the chance to win big and frequently, on main and new side bets.

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What is Fortune 6 Baccarat by Pragmatic Play?

Fortune 6 Baccarat is a live dealer game made by Pragmatic Play. The team worked hard to make this title shine, even creating a special studio to fit the game’s requirements. Thanks to that, Fortune 6 Baccarat has a unique backdrop that stands out compared to other baccarat tables. On top of that, the title has five new side bets you can enjoy.

The game may have included a few extras, but it’s still baccarat at heart. How you place bets and score cash prizes hasn’t changed. Instead, Fortune 6 Baccarat adds new things to a successful formula, creating a thrilling title in the process.

Winning requires correctly guessing whether the Player or Banker side will have a hand value nearest to nine. You can also win by predicting the round will end in a tie.

Payout Table:

Bet TypePayout
Player Fortune Pair / Banker Fortune Pair2 Card Flush – 1:1
Any Pair – 5:1
Suited Pair – 9:1
Player 614:1
Banker 616:1
Fortune 6First 6 – 3:1
First two 6’s – 30:1
Three 6’s – 120:1

Game Interface

No live casino game is complete without a live chat feature. Fortunately, it works flawlessly in this title, allowing you to interact with the host and your fellow players.

Fortune 6 Baccarat uses several 4K cameras to ensure the best video quality. Pragmatic Play did a great job decreasing latency, so you don’t have to worry about the stream lagging or falling behind.

The team wisely decided not to make massive changes to their user interface. If you have played one of Pragmatic Play’s baccarat games before, everything will look familiar. You can see how many players are wagering on Player, Banker, and Tie bets, which can help you choose if you’re indecisive. Additionally, two road maps let you track the results of previous rounds. The UI is slightly different on computers and mobile devices, but none of the functionality is lost.

How to Play Fortune 6 Baccarat

Time needed: 3 minutes

Despite all the new side bets, Fortune 6 Baccarat does not make any core gameplay changes. If you have played live baccarat before, you’ll know what to expect here.

  1. Find a Live Casino with Fortune 6 Baccarat

    After picking one of our recommended casinos, log into your account and go to the live dealer section. Select Fortune 6 Baccarat from the game list and press Play.Fortune 6 Baccarat ht1

  2. Start Wagering

    The casino takes you the to live studio of Pragmatic Play Live. Here you find the Fortune 6 Baccarat table with a live dealer. Choose one of the available coins and place them on all main and side bets you want to play. You must finish wagering before the timer runs out. You’ve got 15 seconds to place your bets.
    Fortune 6 Baccarat ht2

  3. Cards Are Drawn

    The dealer draws two cards for both the Player and Banker sides. The two hands are compared, with the one closest to nine taking home the prize. Predict whether the Player or Banker will win the round, and you will receive the appropriate reward.Fortune 6 Baccarat ht 3

The Bonus Games of Fortune 6 Baccarat

Fortune 6 Baccarat has five unique side bets. All of them are more lucrative than their base game counterparts, which is a big plus. However, these side bets are only available until a certain number of cards are drawn.

Fortune 6 Side Bet

This side bet looks at both Player and Banker hands. If the first dealt card is a six, you receive a cash prize. If you draw multiple sixes, the payouts increase appropriately. After the first 30 cards are dealt, the side bet is turned off until the shoe changes.

Player 6 and Banker 6 Side Bets

To score this side bet, you need your chosen hand to win the round while its total value is six. These two side bets are only available for the first 40 dealt hands. If the opposite hand wins with a natural, your stake is returned.

Player Fortune Pair and Banker Fortune Pair Side Bets

Player and Banker Fortune Pair side bets require you to get two cards of the same suit to win a prize. Forming a regular pair improves the payout from 1:1 to 5:1, while a suited pair grants a 9:1 cash prize. This side bet can only be played during the first 40 hands.

Strategy to Play Fortune 6 Baccarat

Baccarat is all about luck. You place bets, watch the dealer draw the cards, and hope you get it right. The new side bets do not offer any way to strategize, either.

The closest thing baccarat has to strategy is using roadmaps to try and exploit trends. It’s not nearly as good as detailed blackjack strategies, but it’s better than nothing.

FAQ about Fortune 6 Baccarat

Fortune 6 Baccarat is a live casino baccarat game with a brand-new set of side bets.

The highest possible win in Fortune 6 Baccarat is 120:1.

Fortune 6 Baccarat is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Because of that, you can enjoy the game on the go without compromising its quality.

Pragmatic Play Live is the brain behind Fortune 6 Baccarat. They are a leading live casino software provider and have made some of the most popular live dealer games ever.