Introducing New Football-Themed Game Show: Football Studio Dice by Evolution

We are used to seeing new and exciting things from Evolution. That said, even the developer best known for innovations occasionally takes a casual approach. Football Studio Dice does not seek to reinvent the dice game genre radically. Instead, it delivers a solid dice game with a fresh coat of paint and some gameplay adjustments to make it work.

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This casino game has a specific niche it is targeting. If you enjoy simple titles or sports betting, Football Studio Dice wants you to check it out. However, is this release good enough to warrant your time? Our review goes in-depth into Evolution’s game show in an effort to answer that question.

How to Play Football Studio Dice

You play this game by trying to predict what side will win the round: Home or Away. This release determines results using four dice shakers. Two shakers are on the Home side, and two are on the Away side. When the shakers stop, they reveal a dice value. These dice get added together on both sides and then compared. The side with the highest dice total wins the round.

Alongside betting on Home or Away, you can also wager that the round will end with a tie. In such a case, you win 7:1 instead of the usual 1:1 reward. If a Tie ends with both sides rolling a twelve, the payout jumps to 79:1. The RTP for Home and Away bets is 97.75%, while Tie bets are 95.68%. If you want to hunt the most significant win, you must be prepared for the lower RTP.

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The gameplay is similar to Bac Bo, with a few adjustments. Each round has two halves. The first half makes the dice shake in the upper two shakers and displays the result. In the second half, the bottom two shakers show their result and determine the final outcome. This approach keeps the excitement high throughout the round and feels reminiscent of a football match.

Football Studio Dice Features

Rather boldly, Evolution decided not to add any bonuses to Football Studio Dice. Instead, the core gameplay loop is all you get. That does not mean Football Studio Dice does not have any features at all. They simply do not change the gameplay or offer improved payouts.

The game displays the winning history of the past couple of rounds next to its betting board. Using it, we can see how often certain wins and winning streaks occur. The results of the latest round are present in the upper left corner.

Evolution appeals to sports bettors by introducing a live match update on the left side of the betting area. It tracks live scores for ongoing football matches and the latest football news. You can choose what leagues you see results and information about while playing.

Live chat allows you to interact with the host and other players. An active chat is a tremendous boost to the experience, especially when the second half shifts to the winning side.

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Who is Football Studio Dice For?

While games often try their best at mainstream appeal, Football Studio Dice goes in a different direction. It has a very specific audience in mind: sports bettors. The game’s simple nature makes it easy to jump in and out as you set up your ticket. You can keep an eye on the football match results and score winning combinations as you play it.

Additionally, casual audiences will find this game exciting too. You do not need to be a football fan to watch the dice and hope your side wins. There are no strategies you need to master or complex lingo you need to know. You bet on Home, Away, or Tie, cross your fingers and hope Lady Luck smiles your way.

The overall impressions of the team were positive. The game is fun to play and has plenty of that world-renowned Evolution charm. If what you have read seems interesting, then we urge you to check this release out.