New Evolution 2023 Games: From Video Poker Live to Red Door Roulette

If you want to stay at the top, you can’t afford to slow down. It’s a mantra Evolution has become very familiar with, especially in recent years. With stiff competition from all sides, the team works harder than ever to retain their advantage.

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Luckily for us, Evolution does well under pressure. 2023’s not even halfway done, and the team already launched many exciting games. Join us as we highlight all titles Evolution has planned for the year and what you can expect from them. You might just stumble on some new favourites along the way!

Lightning Lotto

Evolution is no stranger to bouncing ball games, offering fun titles like Mega Ball and Cash or Crash. However, all of these games have additional rules that may not appeal to lottery players. That is where Lightning Lotto comes into play! This title keeps it simple. Draw the right numbers, and you win the cash prize for the round.

Of course, anyone familiar with the developer probably recognizes the Lightning label and what it means. Yes, this game also has a multiplier feature in place! A second drum is used to draw a lucky ball. If the lucky ball’s number is on your ticket, its prize is increased by a multiplier.

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XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat

Another fun addition to the Lightning family of games is XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat. It’s a higher variance version of Lightning Baccarat, with more lightning and bigger multipliers. XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat uses a slightly modified studio dominated by the colour red.

Video Poker Live

One of the most exciting announcements from Evolution is Video Poker Live. This was definitely not a game we were expecting to see from the studio. However, the team seems confident they can combine the thrill of digital video poker with the social elements of live casino games.

Video poker has many variants, each with slightly different rules and payouts. Evolution gets around this by letting you choose your favourite paytable, pushing their game from great to must-play. You can also bet 100 hands in a single round, which will make high rollers very happy.

Gonzo’s Treasure Map

The company also announced partial reworks of its popular games. The goal is to simplify them and make them more accessible to newer audiences. Gonzo’s Treasure Map is the first of these titles. It retains the style and fun of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt but changes a few gameplay mechanics.

Rather than betting on coloured stones and trying to find them on an empty grid, you place wagers directly on the board. Evolution’s also adding a bonus round to make Gonzo’s Treasure Map more interesting.

Gold Vault Roulette

Another rework comes in the form of Gold Vault Roulette. The game shifts away from Gold Bar Roulette’s more strategic approach in favour of random multipliers. The goal is to make Gold Vault Roulette more like Lightning Roulette but less volatile and with more multipliers.

Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Evolution also plans to launch Prosperity Tree Baccarat. It’s a lower variance version of Lightning Baccarat, with more frequent multiplier cards. As a result, you have much greater chances of scoring big payouts.

Crazy Pachinko

Crazy Pachinko takes one of the most beloved bonus features from the Crazy Time game and turns it into a standalone title. The game uses a live slot format, similar to Crazy Coin Flip. The software provider intends to add more bonus features to the base game to keep things exciting. Its Pachinko feature remains unchanged from Crazy Time.

Red Door Roulette

Evolution’s not done borrowing from Crazy Time just yet. Red Door Roulette pairs the gameplay of European Roulette with a chance to activate the Crazy Time feature, complete with its massive lucky wheel. The game may add one or more keys to the grid in each round. If the ball lands on a number that has the key, it triggers the bonus feature.

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Summing Up

The developer has a busy year ahead, which means many exciting games to look forward to. It just highlights how far ahead Evolution still is compared to its rivals. Even after the launch of Funky Time, they show no signs of slowing down. If you enjoyed this preview of Evolution’s upcoming games, then make sure to keep visiting We will have detailed reviews of each title ahead of its release.