Visit the Wild West in Dead or Alive: Saloon Live Card Games by Evolution

Dead or Alive: Saloon is the latest release by the talented team at Evolution. The company continues to leverage its NetEnt acquisition and use its established brands for live dealer games. This release uses a Wild West motif, with appropriately dressed hosts and a gorgeous studio. The gameplay is straightforward, allowing new players to start playing without any extra hassle.

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With Evolution’s experience, we do not doubt that Dead or Alive: Saloon will look great and play even better. Instead, this article is here to give you a glimpse at what this new game offers. We will cover everything you need to know to play this release.

All About Dead or Alive: Saloon

The game plays on a large card table and uses two decks. One deck holds 52 regular cards, while the other comprises 52 bonus cards. The developer combines these two decks, preventing players from figuring out if the next card will be a standard or a bonus. During gameplay, the host draws cards and places them on the table. This continues until a regular card gets drawn.

The goal of Dead or Alive: Saloon is predicting what regular card will get drawn. Available wagers include drawing a specific card, one of four suits, or a particular card value. You are not limited to just one type of bet, either. Evolution also added an option to bet on all cards for those bold enough to place that kind of wager.

Dead or Alive: Saloon’s Bonuses and Rewards

All features you can play in this release are tied to the 52 bonus cards. The deck mostly has multiplier cards with a couple of double and bounty cards. Multiplier cards include twenty 20x cards, nineteen 30x cards, three 50x cards, and a single 100x card.

As the host draws cards, the multiplier from bonus cards gets added to the initial potential win. If your initial win is 20x and you draw a 50x card, your prize increases to 70x. If several multiplier cards get drawn, they increase the potential payout in the same way.

The bonus deck has three Double cards. When a Double card lands, it takes the current winning potential and doubles its value. If your potential reward is currently 100x and you draw a Double card, it increases to 200x. Double cards do not apply retroactively. If more multiplier cards appear after the double, their value is not increased in any way.

Finally, you have six Bounty cards in the deck. When one lands, it activates the Bounty Hunt bonus. You pick between three wanted posters to receive the multiplier hidden beneath. This multiplier then gets added to your potential payout. You will also see the multiplier values of the posters you did not pick, giving you an idea of how lucky you got.

The top prize you can win in one round is 1999:1. The software provider limits your jackpot, meaning you cannot win more than $500,000. Achieving this top prize requires getting very lucky with the bonus cards and correctly predicting the winning standard card. The RTP for Dead or Alive: Saloon is 97.02%.

Is Using Strategies Viable in Dead or Alive: Saloon?

The thrill of this game comes from watching multiplier, double, and bounty cards build up to create a massive top prize. As with any release, many players will look for ways to beat the odds. Is it possible to use strategies to get ahead in this Evolution title?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is little players can do to influence their odds of winning. While you can bet on all cards, this will drastically increase how much you have to wager. At that point, it becomes a gamble if you get lucky enough with multipliers to cover the cost of each round.

Is Dead or Alive: Saloon worth playing? If you want to strategize and plan ahead, the answer is no. However, if you are on the market for a straightforward and exciting card game with fantastic winning potential? Then you will want to check out this Evolution release. It has charmed many of us at, and we are confident you will love it too.