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Authentic Gaming’s Blaze Roulette is not broadcast from a famous land based casino, but from a dedicated studio.

The studio is a huge part of the game as it is quite impressive and gives Blaze Roulette a different dimension. It is very spacious and is equipped with a unique glass table which comes with a LED board. The game floor is more glamorous and the green table surface is replaced by something much more stylish. This makes playing Authentic Blaze Roulette quite a one-of-a-kind experience.

Where to Play Blaze Roulette

How to Play Blaze Roulette

Blaze Roulette can be played on a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer.  This is one of the key features of all Authentic Gaming products and Blaze Roulette is no different.

Another thing that all Authentic Gaming products have in common is their availability. Blaze Roulette, just like other Authentic Gaming products, is broadcast continuously and without a stop 24/7.

However, unlike other Authentic Gaming products, Blaze Roulette doesn’t take place in a land-based casino. This is one of the rare Authentic Gaming live casino games which is broadcast live from a studio.

In addition to being filmed in a studio, this is also one of the rare games which have a presenter. The game is conducted by a presenter who cannot be labeled as a croupier since he doesn’t touch the ball. That part of the game is fully automated and the presenter’s main job is to conduct the casino game. In addition to this, the presenter is also tasked with announcing the winning numbers and explaining the rules.

Finally, as with other Authentic Gaming products, Blaze Roulette is also licensed and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. This is a guarantee that the game has met the highest possible operating standards.

Video and Audio Features

Blaze Roulette is a game in which the focus is placed equally on both the game and how it looks. The game is streamed from an impressively equipped and well-decorated studio. In addition, it is beautifully lit and looks more like a top-notch live casino game show than a roulette game.

This is nicely complemented by the variety of cameras used to film the action. There are several cameras that alternate between the table, wheel, and presenter. This gives the player a feeling of participating in a game show. The direction of the cameras certainly seems to have this as its main goal. They zoom in on the winning numbers, follow the movement of the presenter and rotate around the studio.

If there is one thing that can be improved though, it is the audio of the game. There is a slightly annoying echoing sound when the presenter speaks and that can be a distraction. However, we are sure that this will be remedied quite soon.

Game Features

Blaze Roulette is a version of European Roulette played in a game show-like environment. There is virtually no difference between any other European Roulette game and Blaze Roulette. The playing rules and betting options are identical and the only difference is the look of the game. This includes the presenter closing the bets with a button on the table and a glass table layout with an LED board. These are flashy moves and features in Blaze Roulette, but the essence of the game is the same.

The game uses the standard Authentic Gaming interface. This means that if you played one Authentic Gaming roulette game, you will have no problems here too.

In terms of betting limits, chip sizes, and betting options, Blaze Roulette is very player-friendly. Betting limits are usually very flexible and accommodate both low stake players and high rollers. Chips come in various shapes and sizes too.