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Authentic Gaming’s Roulette Double Wheel is broadcast live from Saint Vincent resort in the Italian Alps. However, unlike other Authentic Gaming products, this one focuses only on one thing. Or should we say two?

The main thing about Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is the two roulette wheels spinning at the same time. Players can hear the sounds and even see the reflections of the casino lights, but the wheels take center stage.

The game is perfect for players who want to play multiple wheels and get maximum excitement from each spin. Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is continuous American Roulette entertainment and there is literally zero wait time between spins.

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Double Wheel

Game Details

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel can be played on a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. The game is broadcast continuously from Saint Vincent resort 24/7 so it is on at all times.

The two key factors which make this live casino game special are the two wheels that spin simultaneously. They guarantee that players will see a much-reduced wait time between spins. This is because the two wheels don’t spin at the same time. The wheel on the left of the screen is slightly slower, while the wheel on the right produces faster rounds.

In addition to this, the betting times for these two wheels are also different. On the left wheel, players are given 60 seconds to lodge their bets. On the right wheel, on the other hand, players are only given 30 seconds to do this.

This is done so that players can play on two separate wheels spinning at different intervals. The slower wheel and the faster one can be utilized by roulette pros. Roulette beginners, on the other hand, can just settle for the slower wheel which suits the speed of their game.

The fact that the game focuses only on the two wheels doesn’t mean that it is streamed from a studio. It’s broadcasted from a live casino. There are several things which prove that it is really broadcast from Saint Vincent resort. For starters, the sounds of the casino present in other Authentic Roulette games can also be heard here.

In addition to this, players can clearly see the bright reflections of casino lights off of the two wheels. For enthusiastic roulette players, it is really important to know that this is the case. For them, playing the game in a world-renowned casino is part of the whole live roulette experience.

Finally, Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. This means that in case of a dispute, both the operator and player will have someone to vouch for them.

Game Features

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is a version of American Roulette. This means that the game is played with two zeros. This increases the house edge while lowering the Returns To Player ratio. This means that it is slightly more difficult to get a winner here than in European Roulette. However, the high odds and the fact that the game is played simultaneously on two wheels balance things out.

There are several betting options such as doubling your last bet and auto bet which are quite useful. In addition to this, players can select their favorite numbers and also have a detailed stats section.

Finally, Authentic Roulette Double Wheel can be played with different chip sizes and has very flexible limits. It is high-roller friendly, but its two-wheel action is also perfect for lower-stakes players.

Video & Audio Features

Since the focus in Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is solely on the two wheels, there is only one camera utilized. It is placed directly over the two wheels and shows both of them spinning.

There is no zooming or switching between angles, so if you are after these effects, look elsewhere. However, for most casino players the game is rarely about the camera angles. All they want is to play as many games as possible in a short amount of time. And as you can imagine this is where Authentic Roulette Double Wheel excels.

Some people might be worried that without the zooming action they will miss out on winning numbers. However, this is remedied with some top-notch computer graphics. The computer-generated table overlay shows everything from potential bets to winning numbers.

In terms of sound, players can control the volume of what they hear by clicking on the settings menu. Casino sounds can be muted, but most players choose to leave them as they create a feeling of authenticity.