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Authentic Gaming’s Roulette Original is a top quality live roulette game. It is streamed from Aosta Valley in Italy and is as good as any other Authentic Gaming product. The Maltese based company is known for specializing in roulette games and Authentic Roulette Original is its top tier product.

The game is played by European Roulette rules and the betting options are seen throughout most roulette games. This means that the game is easy to understand, play and bet on.

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How to Play Authentic Roulette Original

Authentic Roulette Original can be played on all types of devices and is available 24/7. This ease of access guarantees maximum entertainment at all times of day.

The game, just like other Authentic Gaming roulette products is broadcast from a live casino. Other roulette providers often choose to stream their roulette games from a dedicated studio, but that’s not the case here. This is definitely a positive thing as the game is much more authentic when played by real people in a real casino.

In addition to being easily accessible and very authentic, Authentic Roulette Original is also fully licensed and regulated. This is done by the Maltese Gaming Authority which is one of the most renowned regulatory bodies in the world.

Finally, the Authentic Gaming software used in the game is very responsive and comes without any glitches. Players can easily see the bets they make and the game history and this makes playing the game even better. We would even say that playing the game at home is better than being in the land based casino.

Game Features

Authentic Roulette Original is played by European Roulette rules. This means that players can bet on numbers from 1 to 36. Betting on the exact number is always difficult, but it comes with the highest odds.

There are also other Inside bets that players can wager on. For example, they can bet on neighbouring numbers or on one of three numbers in line. Four corner numbers or six numbers in a line are also options here.

In addition to this, players can also bet on Outside bets. Outside bets include 1st 2nd and 3rd dozen as well as column numbers. Other popular bets here are Black/Red or Even and Odd numbers. Finally, players who bet on Outside bets can also bet on numbers 1-18 or 19-36.

Authentic Roulette Original players can bet with different chip sizes and can use customizable limits. Minimum and maximum bets vary from one operator to another, but are usually very flexible.

Video Features

Authentic Roulette Original is streamed in Full HD. There are several cameras which are used to give players a top notch viewing perspective at all times.

The cameras show the table and the wheel and go from one to the other depending on the phase of the game. When bets are placed the camera focuses on the table, croupier and players. Once betting is closed and the ball starts spinning one of the cameras shifts to the wheel. It zooms in on the wheel and shows the winning pocket when the ball lands in it. This gives players a sense of being very close to the action. It also serves as a sort of assurance to everyone that the game is fair.

In addition to utilizing several cameras, Authentic Gaming also takes advantage of other things from the casino. Chief amongst these are the sounds which are made on and around the table. The player chatter, the wheel spinning and the staking of the chips all make the live casino game quite realistic. This makes Authentic Roulette Original different from and slightly more realistic than studio broadcast roulette games.

Another thing which shouldn’t go unnoticed is the quality of the computer generated graphics overlay. This shows detailed stats, available bets and chips sizes. It is completely interactive and makes the online roulette experience even better than the real one.