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Authentic Gaming is a relatively new player in the world of online live casino solutions. However, that shouldn’t be mistaken for being inexperienced at this level. The provider excels in offering premium roulette gaming experiences.

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Turbo

General information

Authentic Roulette Turbo is one of the provider’s top products in this regard. It offers fast and efficient gameplay in which experienced player will particularly enjoy. The game enables all the standard bets typical for European roulette and comes with detail stats to boot.

Authentic Turbo Roulette can be easily accessed from any type of device. Mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers can access the game instantly and provide identical roulette experiences. All Authentic Gaming products are created with mobile gaming in mind and this can easily be seen. Players can enjoy uninterrupted and glitch-free mobile roulette gaming here and that’s a big plus.

Authentic Turbo Roulette is streamed live like most other live casino games these days. However, unlike other competing roulette games, it is streamed directly from a land based casino. Authentic Gaming does not use live studios to stream games and that is something which makes this game special.

Players can enjoy playing Authentic Gaming’s roulette while at the same time feeling like they are at a real casino. These casinos include world renowned establishments such as Casino International, Saint Vincent, and Platinum. In addition to these three casinos, Foxwoods Casino Resort is also part of Authentic Gaming’s offer. This is the world’s fifth largest casino and Authentic Roulette Turbo players can be in it at any time of day. The game is on 24/7 and players can literally stay in some of these top casinos as long as they want.

Finally, Authentic Roulette Turbo is a completely legitimate product. It is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority and that is a clear guarantee of its legitimacy.

Game Features

Authentic Roulette Turbo is actually your standard European Roulette both in terms of gameplay and betting avenues.

The game comes with detailed game history and that is one of its strongest assets. There is statistics on the last 100 rounds. This also includes hot/cold numbers and recent winners.

Another thing which makes Authentic Roulette Turbo a guaranteed winner is the variety of chips sizes and limits. The game comes with customizable limits and chips and this is perfect for accommodating all types of players.

In terms of bets, players can bet on the exact number the ball will land on or on many other bet types. These include red/black, odd/even, 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12, 1-18 and 19-36 and many others.

Video Features

Another thing which Authentic Gaming has revolutionized is their use of wide angle HD video. This means that players can get the best stream quality imaginable with a decent internet connection.

In terms of cameras, Authentic Roulette Turbo is filmed with the use of two cameras. The front camera shows the entire table and the bets which are placed. The camera behind the croupier’s back also shows the entire table, but also zooms in on the wheel. This happens when the ball is about to drop and definitely adds to the excitement of the game.

While other gaming providers utilize experienced live dealers, Authentic Gaming has it much easier. They simply film some of the best croupiers employed by land based casinos and reap the fruits of their labour. This leaves both players and casino operators completely satisfied and is rather easy to pull off.

Sound quality is also high on the list of priorities for Authentic Gaming. The Maltese gaming provider uses superior audio systems which put players right at the roulette table. The sounds of the casino, casino players, chatter, and dealers make for a really authentic roulette experience. This would not be possible without Authentic Gaming’s superb audio system.