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Evolution Gaming’s Live Speed Roulette is one of the most popular roulette products out there. Playing Live Speed Roulette is twice as fast as the fastest variants of roulette available online. This is a remarkable achievement on Evolution Gaming’s part considering the number of rival games.

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How to Play Live Speed Roulette

As with most Evolution Gaming games, speed roulette is streamed from their studio in Riga, Latvia. Because the game has to be very fast the wheel has to be created specially to meet its needs. It is actually a custom designed product by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, which is the number one company for gaming equipment.

Live Speed Roulette is licensed and regulated by several respectable authority bodies. These include the Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Video Features

Live Speed Roulette is a very fast game and that’s why the cameras must always be in the right spot. There are multiple cameras to ensure that the player gets the best possible Live Speed Roulette experience.

The first camera angle enables looking at the wheel from a closer distance. It is great for following the action when the ball is about to drop in the winning pocket. Another camera angle combines the dealer and the wheel. Finally, there is also the multi-camera view which combines all the angles for the player.

Game Features

The bets at Live Speed Roulette come with low and high limits. These vary from one operator to another, but in general start at $1 and can go as high as $5,000. With them, players can back one number, colour or go for neighbouring numbers.

What sets apart Live Speed Roulette from other types of live roulette games is the speed. Game rounds take around 25 seconds from one spin to another. This is 50% faster than most other roulette games in Evolution Gaming’s offer. That means that players can play at least 50 extra games in an hour of game time.

This speed is achieved by minimizing the so called ‘dead time’. This is the time spent waiting for players to place their bets. All bets are placed while the wheel is spinning. Immediately before the ball reduces its speed the dealer closes betting. This means that the game still maintains its regularity.

Another nice feature that increases the pace of each round is video recognition technology. This technology is used to recognize winning numbers. As such it increases the validity of each round while also making it lightning fast.

To maintain the high standard that Live Speed Roulette requires, Evolution Gaming has hired only the most talented live dealers. These dealers are additionally trained to be able to lead the fast-paced action without a problem.

On top of this, dealers also find the time to communicate with players. The live chat option is a very popular feature of Live Speed Roulette and it provides constant interaction.

Lastly, Live Speed Roulette has some nice additional features which can make the playing experience more personal. These include automatic video adjustment and various sound options.

Game History

In the bottom right corner of the screen players can see the outcomes of recent rounds of Speed Roulette. There are tons of people who swear that stats like these helped them immensely when choosing the winning outcome. Checking them out is done in an instant and it certainly can’t hurt your chances.