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OTT Roulette offers players a unique experience unlike any other. It enables players to experience high-class casinos such as Portomaso Casino in the comfort of their own homes.

This is achieved through seamless integration of streaming technology and top-notch land-based casinos. These two entities work together to offer players an OTT solution that is fully automated. This means that there is no communication between land-based and online players ensuring that privacy is maintained. In addition, this also means that maximum excitement is extracted from every round and every spin.

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How to Play OTT Roulette

OTT Roulette can be accessed from any type of device. Players can literally go inside casinos such as Oracle Casino, Portomaso Casino, and Royal Casino via a simple mobile phone.

And since these casinos are real land-based establishments, Ezugi doesn’t have to build a specific studio for this product. This means that casino operators can get an Ezugi standard game that doesn’t require any human intervention.

The game is also very user-friendly in terms of the number of players it can accommodate. This is because OTT Roulette accepts unlimited numbers of players and doesn’t have any restrictions in this regard.

Another thing that makes this game so popular is the type of dealers that conduct games. Obviously, these are not Ezugi dealers, but their quality is on the same level as Ezugi’s, to say the least. Casinos such as Oracle will never employ inept live dealers so players are in excellent hands here as well.

Finally, OTT Roulette is completely legal. Even though the game is shot in a real-world casino, the same registration rules as other Ezugi products apply. In fact, the game is licensed and regulated by a very reputable regulatory body – the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. In addition to the main license, the game is also verified by SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse.

Game Features

OTT Roulette is streamed from various extravagant casino locations from around the world. This is something that makes the game very unique. Even if Ezugi stopped at this, they would still have a top-quality product. However, the operator went on to include several other features which make the game even better.

Firstly, the game accepts all types of inside and outside bets which make roulette so exciting. Players can bet on Odd/Even, Black/Red, or the exact number. In addition to this, players can also choose 1st, 2nd, or 3rd 12. Finally, roulette enthusiasts can also back French Roulette bets such as Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, or Tiers.

Furthermore, the game also comes with very reasonable betting limits. These usually vary between one casino and another. However, as a rule of thumb, they are always inclusive to all types of roulette players. This means that OTT Roulette is great for high rollers and budget players alike.

In addition, OTT Roulette’s streams are directed by some very capable people. They could easily enter a director’s competition such is their ability to follow the game. Each round starts with a wide angle shot of the table. This allows for players to see how real life casino players are placing their bets. As soon as the wheel is spun, the camera moves towards it. Finally, when the ball lands in the winning pocket players can see a close-up of the ball landing.

Lastly, OTT Roulette is perfectly complemented by some state-of-the-art graphics. These enable players to see where they are placing their bets. In addition, the graphics also shows the remaining time to place bets and chips sizes. Finally, when there is a winning number, players are immediately notified of it and their winnings.