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When choosing a Live Casino game to play, you normally have to consider its developer. You also need to find an online casino where you can play that particular game. And when you get to such online casinos, you will see that some developers stand out from the rest.

Such a developer is Authentic Gaming. The developer really shines in its mobile Live Casino gambling offering. For instance, it is one of a few developers that streams the games from real land-based casinos instead of studios. This is what makes it differ from other developers. Its strongest suit when it comes to differentiation is the Auto Roulette solution.

Where to Play Auto Roulette Live Authentic?

Its Auto Roulette solution is really comprehensive and covers most player requirements. The games are all streamed from Malta, in the developer’s Authentic Arena. Each Auto Roulette variant offers different options, even though they’re all based on the European Roulette or single zero roulette.

All of the Auto Roulette Live games by Authentic Gaming are the same in terms of functionality. There’s only one game called Blaze Roulette which is different. It is an innovative Live Auto Roulette solution that is Presenter-hosted. Blaze Roulette opens at 7 pm and closes at 1 am, and a game round is completed in 55 seconds.

Types of Auto Roulette Live Games

The Auto Roulette Live games you have the chance to try are divided into four categories. In the first category, you’ll find Auto Roulette Live Classic 1 and 2. In the Classic 1 variant, a full game round lasts 63 seconds, and you have a betting time of 25 seconds. The Classic 2 variant offers a game time round of 68 seconds and a betting time of 30.

In the second category, you’ll find the Auto Roulette Live Speed 1 and 2. As their titles imply, these are variants with even faster betting time and game rounds. Speed 1 is the fastest, with 18 seconds betting time and 55 seconds game round time. Speed 2, on the other hand, is 5 seconds slower than Speed 1. The betting time is 23 seconds, while the game round completion 60 seconds.

The third category is reserved for VIP players. The Auto Roulette Live VIP game belongs in this category. You get 30 seconds betting time and game rounds that last up to 65 seconds.

There are basically two games in the fourth category, although the product Duo Auto Roulette counts as 1 offering. This is a new product by Authentic Gaming. It comprises of the two Auto Roulette Classic 1 and 2, combined in one interface. This product gives you the chance for dual play. You can easily play on two wheels simultaneously and improve your odds of winnings.

Basically, they differ in terms of time to complete a round, betting time and stakes. The type of players that love playing them are players who want fast play, with no interruptions.

How Auto Roulette Live Works?

To better grasp the Auto Roulette Live concept, you should try the Auto Roulette Classic 1. You should not expect a dealer, hence the name auto. But you should expect everything else you would normally find at a roulette table.

Since a computer controls it, to spin the wheel and control the ball, compressed air is used. To read the position where the ball has landed, lasers are used. That way the computer can read them and give you your winnings. Once you see the result and the spin has been completed, the ball needs to get ready for the next spin. That’s why the winning number position of the wheel returns to the 10 o’clock position. The ball is retrieved with vacuum and fired into the wheel again with compressed air on the new spin. When the betting time ends, the next spin starts.

Statistics from the last 250 games rounds are available, as well as the last 5 Hot & Cold Numbers. You can save your bet layouts. You can even select the number of spins and the bets you want to place via the Auto Spin facility. A full range of call bets is available, and you can bet on any number of the screen.