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Authentic Gaming’s Authentic Roulette Superieur is streamed live from Saint Vincent resort in Italy. It is one of a handful of premium Authentic roulette products played at a real casino.

Authentic Roulette Superieur is Authentic Gaming’s version of French roulette and is one of the best French versions out there. What’s more, the fact that the game is streamed from a real casino makes it much more appealing.

Where to Play Authentic Roulette Superior

Game Details

Authentic Roulette Superieur can be played on all types of devices. Players frequently play it from desktop computers, but most of the time they access it via phones and tablets. The game’s user interface is very mobile-friendly and it is a real pleasure to play the game on a mobile device.

Another thing which makes Authentic Roulette Superieur an in-demand product is the place it is streamed from. The game is streamed live from a land based casino and this makes the whole experience quite unique. Players can see real players sitting on the table and playing the game alongside them. In addition, the audible chatter and live casino sounds make the experience as authentic as it can be.

Lastly, Authentic Roulette Superieur is licensed and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. This means that the game is completely legitimate and there is zero chance of being defrauded.

Game Features

Authentic Roulette Superieur is Authentic Gaming’s answer to players asking for the French roulette version. Players can bet as on the standard European version of the game, but with the recognizable French betting terms. These include Passe, Pair, Impair, and Manque.

Players can bet with different chip sizes and can use customizable limits. A nice betting option here is the double bet amount option. Players can simply click on it and double their next bets. This also goes for the Autobet feature. Players can choose this option and place bets automatically for the next 5, 10, 15, 25, and even 50 spins.

As with other Authentic Gaming products, this also comes with detailed stats of previous spins. This can be quite helpful for experienced gamblers as it shows all recent winners.

Video Features

In addition to being streamed live from a land based casino, Authentic Roulette Superieur also has other stream quality assets. The first and most obvious one is the fact that it is streamed in Full HD. All players with a decent enough internet connection can experience the Full HD stream.

The whole visual experience of the game is made better by the smart use of the cameras above the table. There are two cameras which film the table at all times. One of them focuses on the table and on the bets which are placed. The other one is used to make the transition from the table to the wheel. It first films the table like the other camera, but then zooms in on the wheel. This happens just before the ball drops and it adds to the authenticity of the experience.

Another thing which shouldn’t go unnoticed is the quality of the computer generated graphics overlay. This shows detailed stats, available bets and chips sizes. It is completely interactive and makes the online roulette experience even better than the real one.

Sound quality is another factor which is very important in Authentic Roulette Superieur. It makes playing the game much more interesting as the sounds from the casino are transmitted as they are recorded.

This means that a player on the table will hear the same things as a player playing at home. The sound of the chips being stacked and the ball being dropped makes playing Roulette Superieur quite a unique experience.