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Viva Las Vegas Roulette was launched in 2020 by Authentic Gaming as one of the games from its Las Vegas Collection. The game celebrates Las Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world that offers the most exciting gaming experience. It is broadcast from the Live Arena based in Malta, like other Authentic Roulette tables. The studio features a stylized Las Vegas sign placed on the wall behind the dealer.

Another detail that contributes to the theme of the live dealer game is the famous Bellagio fountain that appears when the dealer announces the winning number. It is accompanied by the text “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”. 

Where to Play Viva Las Vegas Roulette

How to Play Viva Las Vegas Roulette

Viva Las Vegas Roulette is available on desktop and mobile devices. This live roulette game starts with players placing their bets within 28 seconds. Pick a chip that suits you best, and place it on the preferred position of the betting layout.

Like other Authentic Roulette tables, Viva Las Vegas Roulette accepts players 24/7. The action is streamed from the Live Roulette Arena, a cutting-edge studio introduced by Authentic in 2018. Viva Las Vegas Roulette is operated by a live dealer or croupier who spins the ball and hosts the show announcing winning numbers.

All Authentic products are licensed in trustworthy jurisdictions, and Viva Las Vegas Roulette is no exception. According to the game details disclosed by the provider, it is licensed in Malta, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden.

Whether you join the Viva Las Vegas Roulette on your desktop or mobile device, you will enjoy the atmosphere. Authentic Gaming has done a good job setting the game in an environment that resembles Vegas casino floors. Both desktop and mobile versions of Viva Las Vegas Roulette offer a user-friendly interface. It allows players to choose from betting options and place bets without difficulty.

You will watch the action streamed by three cameras from three different angles. One camera captures the table in a wide shot during the betting time. When bets are placed, another camera shows the close-up of the spinning wheel and ball. As soon as the ball lands on the winning number, the third camera goes to the croupier who announces the number. The direction of the show is superb and guarantees a realistic gaming experience.

Game Features

Viva Las Vegas Roulette is based on European Roulette. The wheel has 37 pockets featuring numbers from 1 to 36 and a single zero. Its RTP is 97.30%, like in other standard European versions of the game.

When it comes to the interface the game uses, it is the same one you have seen in other Authentic products. The Bet Options menu is located in the bottom right corner. It offers Autobet, Save Layout, and the Big Bets option, where you can choose from Full Complete, Half Complete, and Max Bet. These options can be used as a shortcut when placing bets if you want to go for a full-complete or half-complete wager on a single number. 

Another option when placing bets is Bet on Stats. It enables players to pick numbers by their hit rate. The game also provides the game stats for up to 250 rounds. Go to the bottom left corner and find winning numbers along with the hit rate for betting options like Even/Odd, Red/Black, Low/High or Dozens.

Last but not least, a betting range supported by Viva Las Vegas Roulette is wide enough to please both penny-punters and high-rollers. So, whether you are on a budget or ready to risk larger amounts of money, the Authentic Live Roulette table will welcome you and provide you with an immersive Vegas-like gaming experience.